Benevolent Helps You Give Where You Live

All around us our neighbors are struggling to reach independence and self-sufficiency, and often it’s just one small obstacle in their way.

Benevolent.net is a new, national crowdgiving website where striving individuals can tell their stories, share their goals, and receive help. Each need has been verified and posted by one of Benevolent’s local nonprofit partners, who help fulfill the needs once funded.

And, Benevolent makes it easy to find those in our own area who are in need of help. Some examples of local needs include:

~Alicia, in school to become a LPN needs a laptop to keep up with classwork
~Joy, a cancer survivor who needs a few extra dollars to fill the gap so she can purchase a car to get to work
~Tracey, who needs two beds after her furniture was destroyed in a flood at her apartment. 

You will find more local needs at Help a Neighbor with Their Resolution or just go to Benevolent.net and browse by need category to find somebody who need your help this season


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