Registration for Beverly Hills Little League Closes Feb. 28

Little League International, Williamsport, PA, has made some noteworthy changes to their residency requirements for 2014. These changes will be implemented across the United States and are intended to enable more boys and girls of appropriate age the opportunity to experience Little League play.

There a couple changes in particular that will affect the nearby Beverly Hills Little League (BHLL) charter and these changes will impact families from Royal Oak, Berkley and Huntington Woods.

First, Little League International has approved significant changes to BHLL’s defined boundaries for the 2014 season. The new boundaries will, for the first time, allow a considerable amount of boys and girls from Royal Oak, Berkley and Huntington Woods to experience Little League play. BHLL’s eastern boundary now follows Woodward Avenue north from 10 Mile Road, then heads east on Northwood Blvd. all the way to Crooks Road.

From that point, the boundary runs north and ends at Crooks and 14 Mile Road (please visit www.BeverlyHillsLittleLeague.org to view an official boundary map).

Second, boys and girls of Little League age whose school is situated in the BHLL boundaries also qualify to play in the Little League. In other words, if a residence is outside the boundaries (e.g., east of Crooks Road, north of 14 Mile Road) but the child’s school is within the boundaries, they still qualify. Little League requires some verification from the player and, for those interested, BHLL will help them through the process.

Paul Turner, BHLL Tournament Director, says BHLL is already getting interest from families from Royal Oak and Berkley. He believes much of this interest is due to Little League’s post-season tournament. “BHLL has received a great deal of interest from parents asking about Little League post-season tournament play. I attribute much of this heightened interest on the Grosse Pointe Little League team’s success in last year’s tournament. The Grosse Pointe team made it all the way to Williamsport, PA, and was featured on ESPN. I believe it was the first Michigan team to make it all the way to Williamsport, PA. It was exciting to watch these boys on ESPN play teams from different regions of the country as well as teams from across the globe. I’m sure it raised awareness for Little League charters across the state,” explained Turner. “The tournament is exciting and once parents and players experience it, they get hooked.”

Registration for BHLL closes on February 28, 2014. However, late registrations will be accepted if there is space on a team. A $15 late fee will be included. The information below is taken from the BHLL website;

Baseball & Softball Divisions

Minors Softball (Girls Grades 1-3) - $100

Co-ed T-Ball (Boys/Girls Ages 4-6) - $100

Youth Baseball (Boys Ages 7-8) - $100

Minors Baseball (Boys Ages 9-10) - $120

Majors Baseball (Boys Ages 11-12) - $120

Age as of April 30, 2014

The season will begin on April 21 and run through June 13. Practices for all divisions take place in March.

All Minors Baseball Division games will be played on Monday and Wednesday. Majors Baseball Division games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday. All games will have a 6:30 pm start time. Each division will have 6 teams.

Minors Baseball and Majors Baseball players must participate in player evaluations held at the Beverly Hills Club on Southfield Road:

Minors Baseball Evaluations: March 1, 2014; 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Majors Baseball Evaluations: March 8, 2014; 7:00 - 8:00 pm

For more information on BHLL, please contact Todd Turner at 248-701-3067 or e-mail Todd at todd@T2baseball.com

Source: Beverly Hills Little League


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