Peter and Danialle Karmanos Commit $5M to Center for Natural Birth at Beaumont

The one-of-a-kind center will be named in honor of the Metro Detroit philanthropists.

Peter and Danialle Karmanos annouce the Karmanos Center for Natural Childbirth at Beaumont, Royal Oak. Credit: Judy Daivds
Peter and Danialle Karmanos annouce the Karmanos Center for Natural Childbirth at Beaumont, Royal Oak. Credit: Judy Daivds
Peter and Danialle Karmanos announced Monday a gift of $5 million to create the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

Peter Karmanos, a retired executive chairman of Compuware, is best known for the establishment of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

“We are so excited to be embarking on the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth with the Beaumont team,” said Danialle Karmanos at a press conference.

Across the country there is a trend toward natural birth. Most natural childbirth techniques are non invasive and include strategies such as hypnosis, yoga, massage and hydrotherapy or immersion in warm water.

"(Natural childbirth) is the path Pete and I chose for delivering our four boys," said Karmanos mother of twins Socrates and Leonides, 4, Spiros, 2 1/2, and Aristises, 16 months. The youngest two boys were born at Beaumont. 

"I want to be very clear that natural birth is not the right fit for everyone. Pete and I believe that every mother chooses her experience based on the best interests of her child. This project is really about supporting expectant mothers who feel that a natural childbirth is the right fit for their family."

The deluxe 3,225-square-foot center, which is scheduled to open late in 2014, will provide a variety of services and amenities, from personal refrigerators, iPod docking stations and jacuzzi tubs to the most advanced medical care.
MichMom November 13, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Why not just incorporate some aromatherapy diffusers on the regular Obstetrics unit and keep safety of mothers/babies a priority? This initiative is obviously, more than anything, a shrine to Ms. Karmanos's births. In a world AND a hospital that, understandably so, practices defensive medicine/birthing, please, do tell how Beaumont OB-Gyns are going to canoodle with 'the midwives.' Are they going to argue over the 'Cult of Natural Childbirth's' nemesis: the life-saving yet vilified evil 'white-coat' Cesarean-- in order to honor the 'Natural Birth' preference? Are they going to turn a blind eye to that potential plummeting heart-rate in favor of 'zen-meditation' and aromatherapy without the fear of very real birth trauma/damages that is a reality on the regular Obstetric unit? Of course, that is, if the poor babes are even being monitored--in which case, how 'natural' is that, and, what's the real difference other than the Karmanos brand/experience? It's all lollipops, fairies and woo until a Beaumont OB-GYN is faced with a tree-hugging brainwashed 'cult of Natural Childbirth' mother/midwife who, in favor of clinging to Natural birth zealotry, refuses to be fetal-monitored or struggles to accept a surgical delivery because she signed up for the 'Natural Birth' and 'empowered' experience. Good luck with that, Beaumont! Hold on tight babies.


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