Royal Oak Mom Wins Cash for College Fund on TV Game Show

Sandy Waterfall, with the support of daughters Kelley, Lauren and Lilly, wins $1,500 on "Let's Ask America."

Sandy Waterfall wins $1,500 on "Let's Ask America."
Sandy Waterfall wins $1,500 on "Let's Ask America."
What do men who smoke cigars think of women who like stogies?

According to Sandy Waterfall men think it's "not hot." That answer won the Royal Oak mom $200 Monday on "Let's Ask America," a game show that gives contestants the opportunity win up to $50,000 dollars without leaving their homes by answering popular-opinion type questions found through the polling of America. 

To be on the show, Waterfall had to go through several Skype interview sessions with different producers, according to daughter Kelley Waterfall, who also appears on the show with sisters Lauren and Lilly.

"The day we filmed it we were on Skype for about four hours before filming actually started and it's just like you see on TV," Kelley said. "It was so cool to get to be a part of the show, along with being there for my mom!"

In total, Sandy Waterfall won $1,500 on the show.

"There's never enough money in the college fund, so the money's going toward school," Sandy Waterfall told Kevin Pereira, the game show's host.

"Let's Ask America" can be seen Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. on WXYZ.


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