Where to Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix

It's that time of year again—get out your wallets and get ready to snack on some of your favorite sweet treats, courtesy of the Girl Scouts of America.

It's time to stock up on your favorite Girl Scout cookies, and Oak Forest Patch plans to make it deliciously easy for you.

We're making a list of any local troops who can deal a sugary fix of your favorite variety.

Here's a handy list of local troops, leaders and their contact information. They're ready and waiting to deliver the cookies you crave.

Can't remember which variety you like best? When in doubt, buy a bunch—or check out the Cookie Guide.

The SalesGirls

Troop 70261
The Daisy Girl Scout is selling cookies.
Contact Angela via email at angela.twiss@gmail.com.

Troop 41097
Oak Ridge Elementary Junior Girl Scout Troop
Contact Sharlene via email at sharlenekessler@att.net or "Cookie Dad" Ron at royaloakron@hotmail.com.

Did we miss one? Oh no! Let's fix that. Post your troop number, leader name and contact information in the comments below and we'll make sure it gets into the body of the story. And if you are buying cookies, tell us below what your favorites are!

And just in case you were wondering...

just where all that cookie money goes,we did our homework. According to the Girl Scouts of America, all of the revenue earned from cookie activities stays with the local Girl Scout council that sponsors the sale. This includes the portion that goes directly to the group selling cookies. Councils use their cookie revenue to supply essential services to troops, groups, and individual girls, such as providing program resources and communication support, training adult volunteers, and conducting special events.

We hear there's a new cookie in town!

Yep. You heard right! Meet Savannah Smiles—a powdered, sugar-coated lemon cookie. Sounds yummy, right?

Any questions?
Any of these Girl Scouts or their leaders would be happy to help. Or Patch! We're definitely not the cookie experts, though.

Olivia Wise January 07, 2013 at 03:00 PM
The Keller Elementary Daisy Troop 70986 is selling cookies too. We are a brand new troop. The girls have decided to use their cookie proceeds to attend Girl Scout camp. They will also be donating a portion to a local charity. Contact Olivia at kellergirlsrock@gmail.com. Thanks!


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