Awards Announced for 48 Hour Film Project

The judges for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Project picked the winners of this year's competition.

The results are in.

This week, the judges for the  picked their favorite short flicks — all of which were written, directed and shot in the area.

The films premiered July 16 at the  in a total of four screenings. 

Film crews were given 48 hours to write, shoot, direct and edit a short film of no more than seven minutes.

The following is a list of the award winners in each category, provided by The Detroit 48 Hour Film Festival.


Audience Award Winner: Group A

  • "It Came From Zarnek" by Camp Super Rad Fire

Audience Award Winner: Group B

  • "P.A.A." by House Of Wo

Audience Award Winner: Group C

  • "Holding On" by Margrave Pictures

Audience Award Winner: Group D

  • "Cupid's Corral" by Poison Apple Entertainment

Best Use of Character

  • "Speed of Life" by Lewlock & Co.

Best Use of Prop

  • "The Smell of Ambrosia" by Midnight Oil Productions

Best Makeup Effects

  • "The Smell of Ambrosia" by Midnight Oil Productions

Best Use of Line

  • "M.A.M.A." by Big Foot Films

Best Costumes

  • "Detective Diaries" by BROBIEfilms

Best Choreography

  • "Holding On" by Margrave Pictures

Best Special Effects

  • "It Came From Zarnek" by Camp Super Rad Fire

Best Graphics

  • "One To Go" by Batteries Not Included

Best Sound Design

  • "Detective Diaries" by BROBIEfilms

Best Musical Score

  • "Ellie" by Time Trip Films

Best Cinematography

  • "Poison" by iFilmFlops

Best Editing

  • "Custom Policy" by Dark Spark

Best Acting

  • "Stuffed" by 48 Hour Films Detroit

Best Writing

  • "Fine Print" by A&W Productions

Best Directing

  • "It Came From Zarnek" by Camp Super Rad Fire

Second Runner Up for Best Film

  • "Detective Diaries" by BROBIEfilms

Runner Up for Best Film

  • "CarStar" by Fighting Mongooses

Best Film

  • "It Came From Zarnek" by Camp Super Rad Fire

Best Film by Genre

  • Film De Femme: "Dodging The Whacker" by LocalD
  • Vacation/Holiday: <"Committed Holiday" by Actors Loft 
  • Romance"Cupid's Corral" by Poison Apple Entertainment
  • Musical/Western: "Holding On" by Margrave Pictures 
  • Drama: "Poison" by iFilmFlops
  • Sci-fi: "It Came From Zarnek" by Camp Super Rad Fire 
  • Family Film: "Steps" by Control Alt Delete
  • Silent Film"Penetration Test" by Atomic Productions
  • Mockumentary: "Unclipped" by Chicken Circle
  • Horror: "Suzy" by OWAM & "Home Schooled" by Statutory Grape 
  • Fantasy: "Remnants" by Sit Zombie Sit!  
  • Cop-Detective: "Blameless" by 2SD Productions  
  • Comedy: "Lemon Lane" by Bear Cubs
  • Dark Comedy: "P.A.A." by House Of Wo 
  • Thriller-Suspense: "The Drive Home" by Dude What? Productions
  • Time Travel: "Time Jerks" by The Escape Goats
  • Road Movie: "CarStar" by Fighting Mongooses

Correction: The films premiered at Emagine Royal Oak.

Carol Barnes August 01, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Where can we see all these films? ??


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