Which Short Will Win Tonight's Mitten Movie Project in Royal Oak?

Filmmakers and movie buffs pack the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak each month to celebrate and enjoy independent works.

Which short in the January 2013 Mitten Movie Project lineup will be named “Best Short Film” tonight? 

Connie Mangilin turns her passion for and about independent filmmaking into the Mitten Movie Project, a monthly must-go event in Royal Oak.

Mangilin, the project curator and Detroit filmmaker, selects 12-18 shorts representing a wide variety of genres to be shown the first Tuesday of each month at the Main Art Theatre. 

Tonight's show begins at 7:30 p.m. with a total running time of 1 hour, 47 minutes. Pre-sale tickets are $8 by e-mailing mangilc@yahoo.com; tickets are $10 at the door.

Here's tonight's lineup:

THE HIGHEST PASS [documentary trailer] – Directed by Jon Fitzgerald (02:38) (India) (2012) A motorcycle journey through the Himalayas of India and over the highest motorable road in the world, that follows a dare devil yogi leading seven Americans to make decisions about life and death while traversing steep, icy cliffs and the chaos of India’s “road killer” traffic. Carrying a prophecy of death in his late twenties, their Yogi leader Anand inspires us to question what it means to truly live and pushes the riders to the limits of the teachings: “Only the one who dies, truly lives.” Written and produced by Michigan native, Adam Schomer. www.thehighestpass.com

LOUDER THAN LOVE: THE GRANDE BALLROOM STORY [documentary trailer] - Directed by Tony D'Annunzio (05:27) (Michigan) (2010) The Grande Ballroom stood at the epicenter of the Detroit rock music scene that spawned in the late ‘60s. Serving as the starting point for bands such as MC5, Iggy & The Stooges, Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes and more, the Grande not only influenced local Detroit musicians but inspired bands from all over the U.S. and Great Britain. Legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, Cream, B.B. King, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd and The Who soon began to grace the stage at the Grande on a regular basis. This story is about the hallowed halls that started it all, told by the artists who helped create its epic stature.www.facebook.com/louderthanlovemusic

THE HAPPY LIFE [narrative trailer] – Directed by Bradley Jones (00:30) (Michigan) (2010) A couple unwittingly bring a shoe to life. Starring Jon Dalton, Katie Aumann, Adam Schrader, and Dan Watson. Based on a collection of stories by Philip K. Dick. 

9 BUSINESSES [documentary] - 4exit4 Productions (06:28) (Michigan) (2012) A local business is the heart of a community, a place that helps creates relationships between residents and lets them directly impact a city's economy. In Detroit, small businesses are rapidly taking root in neighborhoods all over the city. From coffee shops and galleries, to bakeries and custom sneaker designers, 4exit4 highlights nine businesses that are changing the conversation of the community. Music provided by Brian Miller (Oak Bones). www.teamdetroit.com

THE CAPITALISM OF MADAFKAZ! [animation] - Electric Otto’s Funk Factory (01:36) (Michigan) (2012) The mismanagement of the dollar bill. Shopping sprees and monster meals. www.electricottosfunkfactory.com

“NO WAVE” by FAWN [music video] – NOISY (04:18) (Michigan) (2012) “No Wave” is based on the feeling of living your life under water. People are talking all around you, but it’s all muffled. Maybe you’re surrounded by a party, but you’ve never felt so alone. The end half of the song represents breaking free from this solitude or melancholy. Directed by band members, Christian Doble and Alicia Gbur.http://wearefawn.com/http://www.quitescientific.com/

GREENSCREEN 101 INDUSTRIAL FILM: THE OUTTAKES [training video] - Folly Films Entertainment (03:43) (Michigan) (2012) Industrial films can be the bane of existence for some directors. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of a training video that went south fast between the director and “star” talent. Starring Paul Lang, Mike N. Kelly, Barb Morrissey, and Chad Britcher. Written and directed by Mike N. Kelly. 

THE NIGHT BEFORE [narrative teaser] - Paradox Films, Inc. (04:42) (Michigan) (work-in-progress) When Sal discovers that the secret organization he works for is responsible for his wife’s and daughter's death, he’s left with no choice but to do the unthinkable -- he goes after the source to avenge his family. Written and directed by Nabil Nona.

“OHIO TO MICHIGAN” by Nervous But Excited [music video] - Benjamin Dell Photography (03:34) (Michigan) (2011) Folk duo Nervous But Excited sing “Ohio to Michigan" from their 2011 album, "You Are Here," recorded live in the rain at the Ypsilanti Farm Bureau Feed.www.benjamindell.comwww.nervousbutexcited.com

CLEANSE [experimental] – Directed by N.J. Phillips (03:53) (Michigan) (2012) After the loss of two friends to suicide within the span of two months, the director decided to use the moviemaking process as therapy and created “Cleanse,” an experimental short about embracing and utilizing one’s pain to create something beautiful. 

CORKTOWN PHEASANTS [documentary] – TQR&R Productions (09:30) (Michigan) (2011) In Spring 2011, with a grant from the Bob Allison (Allesee) Endowed Chair in Media, Wayne State University Department of Communication was able to host Academy Award-winning film editor Richard Chew (“Star Wars,” “One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest”) as a guest professor. Chew had a specific vision for his class -- to have students create several short documentaries that would challenge the negative image often associated with the City of Detroit. “Corktown Pheasants” is one of those docs. Directed by Mike Dereniewski. http://www.topqualityrockandroll.com/

“ROLL INTO YOU” by Yank Inches [music video] – Directed by Bradley Jones (02:27) (Michigan) (2012) The latest music video by guitar strumming, soul-searching, genital inferiority complex feeling singer/songwriter, Yank Inches. WARNING: Contains adult content and language. https://soundcloud.com/Yank-Inches,http://www.youtube.com/YankInches 

JOB SECURITY [narrative] – TriOmega Productions (09:07) (Michigan) (2011) In the working world, there is nothing more sacred than your lunch. Lovingly packed, wrapped, and toted, looked forward to and savored, lunch can be the only bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. When a lunch thief robs the office of these precious treats, someone has to pay! Starring Dave Durham, Mike N. Kelly, Rio Scafone, and Alora Catherine Smith. Directed by Chris Lepley and Matthew Peach.

BATTERY ACID [animation] – Directed by Dean Denell & Daniel Olson (04:17) (Michigan) (2008) One lick of a battery ultimately leads to a man’s tragic demise, as his addiction spins violently out of control.www.deandenell.com

3 THE HARD WAY [narrative] – TAGSTONE Media (07:49) (Michigan) (2012) Three screw-up cops at the bottom of the barrel get their hands on a case straight from the top. They set off on a chase in search of drugs, a dealer, and their elusive respect. Starring Paris Jones, Charlie Newhart, and Franco Pulice. Directed by Andre J. Ray.www.tagstonemedia.com

RED STAR OVER THE DYNAMO [experimental] – Directed by Michael Pfaendtner (04:19) (Michigan) (1985) Fun with found footage of a vintage safety film for electrical workers. Lots of sparks, fire and mayhem ensues.

SPILL BABY SPILL! CAN THE GULF SURVIVE? [documentary] – Flood Films and Media (07:04) (Louisiana) (2012) “Spill Baby Spill” is comprised of highlights and excerpts from the award-winning documentary “Dirty Energy,” which intimately explores the human costs of the BP oil spill on the local residents of Louisiana. Directed by Bryan D. Hopkins.www.floodfilms.com

THE CONTRACT [narrative] – Lunacy Pictures (25:24) (Michigan) (2012) (Orig. 16mm) In a dystopian future, a reclusive hit man is pushed a government contract on his ex-girlfriend. Now he must get her out of the city before someone else cashes it in, or the dreaded OCS force takes care of it themselves. Starring Jonathan Davidson and Megan Amadon. Directed by Brandon Wilson. 

Source: Mitten Movie Project


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