Food Truck Rally Better Prepared for Second Event in Royal Oak

With more volunteers and a larger area, organizers say Wednesday's event at the Farmers Market was a lot smoother.

Street Eats Wednesday opened for the second time at the , but this month, organizers and vendors were better prepared for the crowd.

"This time we were ready for the masses," Market Manager Shelly Mazur said.

Street Eats Wednesday is a food truck rally with vendors such as Jacques’ Tacos, Chow Catering, Taco Mama, Franks Anatra, Ned's TravelBurgers and El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill.

For the  organizers said they ran into issues such as overcrowding and vendors without enough food or helpers. For this event, the entire market was open as opposed to last time when only half the area was used.

"We planned for 500-700 people and we had 3,000," Mazur said of last month's event. 

At about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, lines were moving along steadily and there was plenty of room for attendees to move around and sit. Mazur said she expected a high turnout again, especially with temperatures in the low 70s and sunny skies.

Melissa Mastrangel said Jacques' Tacos brought more helpers this time and expanded its serving area.

"I think we're starting off pretty good," Mastrangel said near the beginning of the four-hour event.

Donna Dumas, co-owner of Cafe Panini in Berkley, was checking out the event  Wednesday. Dumas said she plans to get a truck so her business can participate in events like Street Eats Wednesday.

"I think it's awesome," Dumas said. "The food is delicious."

Mazur said Royal Oak will host Street Eats Wednesday on the second Wednesday of every month.


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