'King of Queens' Star Gary Valentine Headlines at Comedy Castle

Learn more about this frequent 'Chelsea Lately' guest and movie actor as he brings his standup show to Royal Oak.

Gary Valentine, who became a series regular in The King of Queens in 2001 as cousin Danny, headlines at tonight through Saturday.

Valentine got his start in the world of standup comedy, travelling the country for 13 years refining his comedic routine by performing at comedy clubs and festivals.

The New York native ended up settling in Los Angeles, where he's appeared on numerous late night talk shows. Valentine’s television credits also include starring in his own half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central Presents and co-hosting FX's The X Show. He’s also appeared in several movies, including Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper and Stuck on You.

Valentine is also a frequent panel guest on the E! hit show Chelsea Lately.

"Gary's standup is absolutely hilarious," Mark Ridley said.

Q & A with Gary Valentine

Royal Oak Patch: I watched an interview of you, in which you said your mom pushed you into show business. Where you just this funny, happy kid or were you more of a smart aleck?

Gary Valentine: It's true my Mom did start me in standup comedy. A lot of comedians pull their comedy from dark places or use getting laughs for a defense mechanism. I was a really happy kid with a great childhood. I enjoyed making fun and getting laughs and making others happy. I never take life too seriously; after all, we're all going to die and nothing here is going to matter. But it'd be nice to take your sense of humor with you to heaven, or for those who don't believe, China.

Patch: You started in New York and moved to LA, right? What were you hoping for in LA? What was that transition like?

GV: Exactly what happened is what I imagined when I moved to LA from NY. I always wanted to be a comedic actor and that's what I am. Writing to me was something I wanted to do to help carve out my character early in The King of Queens’ “Where's Poppa?" episode and helped write a few others. But ultimately I'm better in front of the camera.

I'm currently writing another sitcom idea that really brings out the personality you see on Chelsea Lately.

Patch: On Chelsea Lately, you are always the one on the panel who is the likable guy. The guy that seems somewhat normal. How much fun is it to be on that show? Is it something you really prepare a lot for or are you just winging it?

GV: As far as that show is concerned we get topics to prepare jokes for about an hour ahead of time. So I'm prepared with those but also love to improvise, which I do quite a bit.

Patch: Talk a little about Dusty Peacock on crackle.com a little. People should definitely know about it!

GV: Dusty Peacock is something very close to my heart. We feel the same as anyone who sees it. It really needs to be produced! It's a unique look at an unsuccessful "performance artist" and his "posse," who don't believe in him. All his stunts fail and he's scrambling to make a living, however he thinks he's right on track.

Patch: For people who only know you as Cousin Danny, what should they expect of your act? What topics do you cover?

GV: My standup has evolved over the 23 years I've been performing. (I started when I was 3.) It used to be much more physical and now has some physicality but more cerebral stuff. (As cerebral as I get). It's basically the character I play on Chelsea Lately—a guy who thinks he's got life, but doesn't.

Patch: And finally, did you get married recently? If so, congrats! How is married life treating you?

I did recently get married. So sorry for all you ladies, and a couple of guys, it was a good run! I was single for a long time, but if you wait long enough, you find the right one. Plus she's Filipina and speaks very little English, or at least she likes to make believe she does.

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At the Comedy Castle

March 29-31 showtimes:

  • Thursday: 8 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
  • Saturday 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Tickets: Thursday $15, Friday and Saturday $20. Order your tickets online.


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