On National Pi Day, Pizza Maker Has Fun with Numbers on its Pies

If you're a math geek, you might even say the price Blaze Pizza is charging for its pies is freakishly "irrational."

Blaze Pizza in Royal Oak is having some fun on National Pi Day by pricing its pizzas at the value of Pi – $3.14. (Photo: Blaze Pizza)
Blaze Pizza in Royal Oak is having some fun on National Pi Day by pricing its pizzas at the value of Pi – $3.14. (Photo: Blaze Pizza)

Quick: How is the Pi formula used in the calculation of the cost of a pizza?

You don’t don’t have to be a math genius who can figure the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of the pizza without picking up a slide rule. You just need to grab an irrational amount of money – Pi is, after all, an “irrational” number in math-geek-speak – and get ready to eat to eat a (ahem) pie.

The national artisan pizza chain, Blaze Pizza, has figured out a creative way to have some fun with 3.14,  the “value of Pi,” on National Pi Day, observed every on March 14, often abbreviated as 3.14. Any custom-built artisan pizza sells for – wait for it – $3.14 from opening until close. The offer’s good on eat-in orders only.

Blaze Pizza has two Michigan locations – in Novi at 26401 Novi Road and in Royal Oak at 112 S. Main St.

The pizza is not your great-uncle Alfonso’s pinsa.

“Think Chipolte, but for pizza,”  says Joshua Levitt, a spokesman for the artisan pizza-maker. “ ‘Pizzasmiths’ help guests custom-create a pizza any number of 40 fresh toppings, in an assembly-line format.”

The 11-inch pies are then tossed into an 800-degree open-flame oven, where they’re fast-fired and are ready to eat in three minutes.

The dough is made from a recipe developed by “The Pizza Whisperer” – critically acclaimed executive chef Brad Kent,  a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY – that requires a 24-hour fermentation process to produce the signature light-as-air crisp crust. Kent is

Blaze Pizza is headquartered in Pasadena, CA, and is an independent company formed by Wetzel’s Pretzels co-founders Elise and Rick Wetzel. They’ve attracted an influential group of investors, including LeBron James, Maria Shriver, Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner, and movie producers John Davis, Maverick Carter and Paul Wachter.


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