Yeezy Does It: Kanye West-Designed Sneakers Drop in Royal Oak Saturday

People started lining up Friday for the $1,000 shoes at Burn Rubber on Fourth Street.

Tony Avilez, 28, of Chicago, was in town for a weekend graduation party when he decided to drop by in Royal Oak on Friday.

After learning the store would get an installment of Kanye West-designed Air Yeezy II sneakers, Avilez decided to stick around – for eight days.

The shoe doesn't drop until Saturday.

"I called Chicago and they were already lining up," he said. "I knew if I went home I wasn't going to get any so I decided to stay."

Alivez said he is blessed. He's been wearing Nike Jordans since he was a baby.

"I have over 400 pairs of shoes," he said.

The Burn Rubber manager, who goes by AZ, said the Air Yeezy 2 retail for $245, but he'll be selling the eight-16 pairs he expects to get at his store for $1,000.

David Page June 05, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Absolutely pathetic and sad all the way around. First that these people are lined up already for shoes that wont go on sale til saturday. Also because the suggested price is $245, and the owner expects to sell them for $1000...


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