20 Romantic Valentine's Day Dates You'll Love, Royal Oak

Chocolate, dancing, dining and more—it's all here in Royal Oak for a romantic Valentine date.

Chocolates, jewelry and flowers are just a few of the many traditional ways to express your love and affection for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. A romantic date, on the other hand, takes a lot of thought and planning. For those of you who are searching for romantic date ideas, traditional and unconventional, we have you covered. Just pick from our list of 20 romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you use these ideas for Valentine's Day or for just your ordinary date night, here are 20 great things to do with your lover boy (or girl) around Royal Oak.

  1. Get coffee or tea at Bean & Leaf Cafe and just talk with one another
  2. Sign up for a painting class together at Paint Party.
  3. Go to Comet Burger and share a milkshake
  4. Stop at Cloverleaf, fill up your picnic basket with some Michigan-made wine.
  5. Root for the Spartans or the Wolverines at Mr. B's.
  6. Have a romantic breakfast at Cafe Muse.
  7. Have a romantic lunch at What Crepe?
  8. At a favorite local pub, like  flirt with each other all night long.
  9. Split a sweet frozen treat at Sweet Earth.
  10. Take dancing lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.
  11. Have a romantic dinner at Bastone.
  12. Stop at  browse, read, and just be together.
  13. Split a cupcake at Taste Love after dinner.
  14. Enjoy a martini Goodnite Gracie.
  15. Go dancing at the Luna Lounge.
  16. Enjoy the movies at Emagine or the Main Art Theatre.
  17. Make a romantic keepsake at Creative Arts Studio.
  18. Enjoy a laugh at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle.
  19. Share a box of chocolates at Gayle's.
  20. Sit on a bench next the the Star Dream Fountain and hold hands. 


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