Youth Pick Super Bowl Beer Ad as Favorite

Researchers say the more youth are exposed to alcohol advertising, the more likely they are to drink.

More than 20,000 sixth through twelfth grade students across the nation participated in this year’s Big Bowl Vote, representing 32 states. According to Nielsen, 108.4 million viewers tuned in for this year’s Super Bowl, making it the third most-watched broadcast in TV history.

Youth, including 300 from Royal Oak, say beer ad is memorable

How many of those viewers were underage youth? Plenty! According to preliminary results of the Big Bowl Vote, 72 percent of participating sixth- through eighth-graders and 73 percent of ninth- through twelfth-graders watched the Super Bowl. And what did they like best? The goat with an insatiable hunger for Doritos. Taco Bell’s old folks hitting the town was the second favorite among both age groups. But the Budweiser ad was not far behind. When students were asked what brand products they remember being advertised during the Super Bowl, Anheuser-Busch was the second highest recalled ad for all students.

According to a study where researchers investigated alcohol advertising to learn what makes it attractive to youth, the alcohol ads that young people found to be appealing were more likely to elicit responses from them saying they wanted to purchase the brand and products advertised. We also know that the more youth are exposed to alcohol advertising, the more likely they are to drink (drink to excess and drink more often).

This is the second year that the Royal Oak Community Coalition has worked with staff at Royal Oak High School, Shrine Highs School and Oakland Technical Center SE to take part in the survey. The Big Bowl Vote is an annual event conducted by the Drug Free Action Alliance (DFAA).

Help kids make healthy choices

While we cannot possibly shield our children from every alcohol advertisement, we can make it a "teachable moment," by helping them to decode the message through media literacy.

Simply put, media literacy is the ability to read between the lines to recognize the influence of media messages. Children who are media literate can look and listen with a critical eye and ear, helping them to make healthier lifestyle choices and avoid the pressures fueled by media messages to drink, smoke or use other drugs.

Source: Royal Oak Community Coalition


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