Catching Up with an 11-11-11 Bride

Nearly one year ago we introduced readers to Kelly Dickie, who married her longtime boyfriend Nathan Hayward in Royal Oak on Veteran's Day. With the couple's first anniversary just one month away, we caught up with the 11-11-11 bride.

Kelly (Dickie) Hayward was excited and nervous last November when she learned she would marry her longtime boyfriend Nathan Hayward at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in a “Call to Wed” event.

The Haywards were one of eight military couples chosen to exchange vows on Veteran's Day in an all expense paid ceremony that included everything from wedding gowns to wedding cake.

Almost one year later, we caught up with Kelly to find out how things are going.

Patch: So, first of all, how was the wedding? Was it all that you hoped it would be?

Hayward: The wedding was wonderful! We had a blast and it was everything we could of hoped for. Our guest were excited and very pleased with the event. We will never forget it.

Patch: After the wedding, what was next? Did you just have a few days together?

Hayward: After the wedding we had one day to spend together before he had to return to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. It wasn't ideal but we are used to being separated and we knew we would have time together over the holidays.

Patch: What are you both up to now? How is married life treating you?

Hayward: Nathan is currently deployed. We haven't seen each other in six months and we have roughly two more months to go. He should be home sometime in December. Married life is great - hard being separated but were just growing stronger.

Patch: What anniversary plans do you have?

Hayward: Nathan won't be home for our anniversary unfortunately, but we will be planning a small trip up north when he's home for the holidays to make up for it. We have many years to come to celebrate our anniversary together.

Patch: And, last time we talked, you said you were planning to take a honeymoon this fall. Is that going to happen?

We've decided to plan a big honeymoon/thank-you-for-five-years-of-service trip after Nathan is done with his five years of active duty. He has three more years to go and I should hopefully be done with my schooling. It will be a big award for us both and we would like to travel throughout Europe together.


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