FROM WOODWARD: Official Cruising Time is Over

It's been a blast bringing all the great cars, stories and characters to you all day long. Check back tomorrow for the latest photos and news from Dream Cruise 2012.

9 pm: The 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise is now "officially" over, though cruisers and spectators will linger for hours. It's been a blast serving up vignettes from along the 16-mile cruise route all day. Many thanks to you for checking in, and to the Patch crew for providing the coverage you've been following throughout the day. Check back tomorrow for the photos you missed and the latest news from the event. So long everybody. - Don Wyatt, Patch.com

8:50 pm: There's just minutes left of official cruising time for the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise and people are still out in full force in Ferndale enjoying the sights. If you missed the Classics & Cruis’n Legends Vehicle Show, you missed WW II veteran Jimmy Wolfe. This 92-year-old resident of Altoona, Pennsylvania traveled to Ferndale with his 1931 Ford Deluxe Roadster. "I like this event. It's very, very nice in Ferndale," he said. Driving his classic cars always draws attention, Wolfe said - "If you stop at a stop light they're rolling their window down asking questions," he said with a laugh. "It's nice to do something other people like." Wolfe explained how he got into the hobby: "When you go out in a bombing mission you don't know whether you're coming back," he said. When he did return home, he bought the car he had been admiring. "I got interested in the hobby. I'm glad I did." Now that he's retired, "it gives you something to put your mind on," he said. "I've met so many nice people at car shows. They enjoy what you have and I appreciate that." - Jessica Schrader, Ferndale Patch

8:39 pm: Dan Jones, of Chicago, has a room at the on Woodward Avenue, but he doesn't plan to sleep there tonight. Basically, he's paying $60 a night for a parking space and his own bathroom, he said. He'll crash later tonight at his brother's house in Hazel Park. "This is just convenience. I'm not sleeping here," Jones said, though he added the manager of the Saranay is "real nice." Another perk to getting a motel room, according to Jones, is you can drink alchohol in the parking lot. "If we move our chairs to the other side of the sidewalk and drink, we'll get a ticket," he said.

That is precisely the reason Joe Cacciaglia, of Wyandotte, has a room at the in Royal Oak, just a few blocks down the road. Cacciaglia sets up a small canopy in the parking lot and enjoys a few drinks with friends. "I have come to every Dream Cruise," Cacciaglia said. "I meet new people, see old friends - it's a party." Over the years Cacciaglia said he has learned the Royal Oak police mean it when they say public drinking is prohibited. "It's a big ticket," he said. "So we stay in the parking lot." Cacciaglia, who has been staying at the Palms Motel since Thursday, said he'll book his room for next year when he checks out Sunday morning. By the way, Cacciaglia also has high praise for the manager of the Palms Motel. "He is very tolerant. He puts up with a lot." - Judy Davids, Royal Oak Patch.

8:02 pm: Aaron Stone, owner of in Ferndale, said he's seen a big increase in business yesterday and today.

"It's turning out actually really good for us," he said Saturday, discussing his decision to keep his business open during the cruise events. ().

At the , Brew Jus owners David Ballew and Nick Schultz are featuring a special Dream Cruise menu and said they're seeing increased business today. "We're busy," he said. "We've had a couple rushes."

, is the new gourmet slider business in the market and uses homemade beer-based sauces.

Amy Keely, owner of , said she's had a lot of walk-in business at her shop on W. Nine Mile Road.

"It's definitely going steady," she said. The shop will be open until 11 p.m. tonight. "It's a really good day."steady traffic and sales.

And local shops weren't the only ones doing business because of the Dream Cruise on Saturday. Ferndale resident George Aukskalnis decided to take advantage of the foot traffic in his neighborhood - located just off E. Nine Mile Road - and host a garage sale.

"We're hoping this is our biggest day," he said of the sale, which started Thursday. And hosting a garage sale is more fun when you get to see classic cars drive through the neighborhood all day, he said. "We take turns going for a walk out there."

His sister, Julie Hill, came in from Tampa, Fla., to help out with the sale - and enjoy the cruise. "I'm loving it," she said. "I've been out there twice. It's great."

7:48 pm: All was quiet at the Alliance Mobile Health stand outside in Berkley, where the crew had thoughtfully put out a bowl of water for passing pooches. "We've had a couple of Band-Aids and ice packs," operations supervisor Brandon Cross said. "We've had a fall up the road that gotten take care of pretty quickly. We've had a few people who had a little too much to drink. "But, for the most part, it's been pretty smooth," he said. Cross added that the booth wil remain open until approximately midnight. The Dream Cruise officially ends at 9 p.m. - Leslie Ellis, Huntington Woods-Berkley Patch

7:22 pm: The 8th annual Bloomfield Township Classic Car Show is now officially over. Earlier, as patrons of the Bloomfield Township Classic Car Show turned from the parking lot to toward the front of the Mercedes Benz dealership facing Woodward Avenue, they were greeted by a sparkling red muscle car that even non-gearheads could appreciate. It's hood raised and impressive engine exposed, the 1973 Dodge Challenger appeared ready to take on any other car moving along Woodward. But "Unlawful," as it was named by it's late owner Gary Davis, stayed parked in a perfect spot to represent why the car show exists in the first place. Davis, 36, . His death at the hands of a speeding motorist in 2004 had a profound impact on the department that is easily still felt today. "That really kickstarted this effort, and it really why we're here," said Capt. Scott McCanham, who also serves as president of the Bloomfield Township Police Department's Benevolent Association. The group receives proceeds from the classic car show to help the families of local officers that are killed or injured in the line of duty. "We love having (his car) here to help make that connection," McCanham said of having 'Unlawful' on site for the first time during the Woodward Dream Cruise. According to the sign placed nearby, Davis had a passion for racing and detailing the vehicle, which was equipped with a 618 horsepower 440 wedge engine that could run a quarter-mile in 10.70 seconds at 124 mph. - Art Aisner, Bloomfield-Bloomfield Hills Patch.

7:05 pm:
There is still time left to pop down to Woodward Avenue and catch the cruisers as the sun goes down. If you aren't that adventurous, check out WXYZ-TV's live coverageairing on the web until 9 pm.

6:19 pm: There's a new slogan up on the Magic Bag marquee - it reads, "Woodward Dream Cruise: Avoiding the actual Motor City since 1995." A few people were seen taking photos of the marquee on Saturday afternoon. We , which asked participants to submit their best snarky saying about the classic car parade for a chance to see their words on the venue's marquee and win a ticket prize pack. The contest was intended to give residents and business owners along the route a way to voice their frustrations with the Dream Cruise. A post on the Magic Bag's Facebook page on Friday lists the winner as Dave Knepp and says the venue received more than 1,000 submissions in the contest. - Jessica Schrader, Ferndale Patch

6:02 pm: Every car at the Dream Cruise is not beautiful, shiny or fast, but they all seem to have a good story. Hal Price, of Ferndale, says he dug up his Volkswagen Microbus from behind a barn in Ohio. "I put a new engine in it and now I drive it around," Price said. On the side of the passenger van is a colorful, though faded, hand-painted mural. "I wish my dad was here because he knows the story of the mural better than I do, but I guess there was a guy who painted murals on the sides of buildings in Put in Bay, Ohio," Price said. "And, he found this old van behind a barn and decide to paint it, too." While faded and peeling, the mural is nonetheless an eye-catcher. "I wind up with it in some sort of newspaper every year," Price said. - Judy Davids, Royal Oak Patch

5:41 pm: A metal fabricator by trade, Jessi Combs of Beverly Hills, CA doesn't see too many cars at the Woodward Dream Cruise that she doesn't like. That's why it's difficult for her, as the host "The List" on AOL's automotive blog, to encapsulate the entire day's events and feel like she's doing it justice. "How can you not like them?" Combs said. "The List" is in effect a "bucket list" for car lovers, explained director Graham Suorsa, making the Motor City a no-brainer choice to film on Dream Cruise weekend. "Every car has an amazing story," Suorsa said. - Tim Rath, West Bloomfield Patch

5:32 pm: The Piety Hill Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is providing a little shade for America's veterans this Dream Cruise. The DAR is offering a hospitality tent for veterans in front of all day, as they work with the John D. Dingall VA Medical Center. According to DAR representatives at the Cruise, the group was spending the day finding veterans and offering to take their pictures in a military-style Jeep. The DAR will then be creating a photo album from the day, while also giving the veterans their photo to take home. If you haven't yet made it out and you are veteran, the DAR encourages you to wear or bring something along in remembrance of your service. Accomadations will be made for disabled veterans. - Laura Houser, Birmingham Patch

5:15 pm: With so many cars on display at the Woodward Dream Cruise, it might be impossible to crown any one "the coolest" in Birmingham. However, Stan Swift's wooden-framed 1984 S10 had plenty of admirers just off the sidewalk in the Borders parking lot. "It was easy for me to do because I built it the same way you'd build a boat: right-side up," said Smith, 61, of Eaton Rapids. "I raced boats for many years up in Pontiac." Smith added that he believes using wood instead of steel proved less-expensive and more durable, long-term. Indeed - the S10 is his every-day vehicle. "365 days a year," he grinned. - Tim Rath, West Bloomfield Patch

5:05 pm: Wondering what that line down E. Nine Mile Road in Ferndale is all about? People are lining up to take a short survey offered by Ford. Anyone who takes the survey gets a free T-shirt. The promotion is expected to continue until about 6 p.m. - Jessica Schrader, Ferndale Patch

4:35 pm: Spicing up the GMC Detroit Dealers parking lot were the Earth Angels— a metro Detroit youth dance group that performs to 1950s and 1960s music. The girls bounced around with poodle skirts and curly ponytails and the boys wore all back with their hair slicked back. The Earth Angels energized the crowd, which turned its attention away from the cars to watch the dance routine. Rachel Lai, 15, of Livonia, said the dancers enjoy performing at the Dream Cruise. “I think it’s great, and it’s perfect for us,” Lai said. “We love seeing all the cars too.” - Nicquel Terry, Clawson Patch

4:25 pm: Joe Coxen, of Waterford, was showing off his 1968 Pontiac GTO today in front of A.J. Desmond & Sons funeral home. Coxen rented out the funeral home parking lot and sold the spots to other car owners. He will donate the proceeds to local Boy Scouts. Coxen said his Pontiac GTO drives smoother than most new cars. “I can hit 100 miles per hour and it feels like 60,” Coxen said. “It’s like driving on a cloud.” Coxen had stuffed tigers displayed on his car to give spectators a nostalgic feel of the tigers that appeared in the GTO ads back in the 1960s. - Nicquel Terry, Clawson Patch

4:15 pm: "We are having a pig roast for the and volunteers," said Don Horton, of Backyard BBQ Catering. Horton plans to serve officers approximately 250 pounds of pork, plus hamburgers and chicken at . He started the pigs at roughly 6:30 p.m. Friday night at his house and began serving law enforcement at 11 a.m. today. "We've got plenty of food," Horton said. "They'll be fed well today." - Judy Davids,

3:57 pm: If you've been in Ferndale today, you've probably noticed the extra police presence. According to Police Chief Tim Collins, police departments and reserve officers from across the region assist the city each year. Collins and Service Aide Kyle Wolowiec were patrolling down Woodward on Saturday afternoon. "So far, so good. No incidents to report," Collins said, with the exception of parking being "a little tight, as it always is." Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said earlier this week that Ferndale usually has "next to no incidents" related to the cruise. "It's usually just a big happy family event," he said. - Jessica Schrader,

3:42 pm: A couple of savvy young entrepreneurs in Huntington Woods made the most of the Woodward Dream Cruise by catering to hungry, thirsty spectators on their way to and from the historic avenue. Aster Disbrow of Huntington Woods and her friend Jordyn Nutting of Bloomfield Hills sold lemonade, chocolate mustaches (on a stick!), twist band bracelets, hair bows and homemade muffins Saturday at the corner of Huntington and 11 Mile Road in Huntington Woods. The girls said they stayed up until 10:30 p.m. making the goodies. "We all had our jobs to do," while the mustaches were in the refrigerator getting hard, Jordyn said. "I did the bows." - Leslie Ellis,

3:37 pm: Charities benefit from the crowds lined up along Woodward for the Dream Cruise. The Seaholm High School girls swimming team is one of dozens of groups along the route selling bottled water and cans of soda for $1. The girl are pulling a wagon of goodies up and down Old Woodward in Birmingham, though they're based near the 103.4 WOMC tower near South Old Woodward and Lincoln. - Laura Houser,

3:25 pm: Congratulations go out to William Yau, 18, of Troy. Yau is the overall winner of the Cruise in Shoes 5K Walk/Run in Royal Oak this morning.. Royal Oak High School sophomore Ben Hill, 15, came in second. You can find complete results on the runmichigan.com Web site. - Judy Davids,

3:15 pm: A handful of volunteers from the Bloomfield Hills Optimist Club just finished their shift working the parking lots and T-shirt booths at the Bloomfield Township Classic Car Show. Proceeds from today's festivities will help their efforts to engage and empower local youth. "We're the friend of youth in this community, and the Dream Cruise is an extremely family-friendly event, so it's a perfect place for us to be," said Stuart McCormick, an Optimist Club member and past president. "Every penny we collect today will go to children in our community in some capacity." - Art Aisner,

3:08 pm: For those watching the Woodward Dream Cruise in Bloomfield Township, a single car can inspire memories of song. Rob Deakin of Sterling Heights has worked for six consecutive years as the DJ at Mercedes Benz Bloomfield, where parking costs benefit Bloomfield Township Fire Department charities and the Bloomfield Hills Optimists Club. There is no event that quite compares. "This is the fun aspect of what I do because I always have a front row seat," said the Sterling Heights resident who recently turned 50. "Cars as much more than a means of transportation, they hold a connection to the era." Deakin works without a set playlist, choosing popular music from seven decades with help from onlookers like Jim Bird, who requested the Animals' version of "House of the Rising Sun." "I saw a 1968 GTO just drive by and remembered that time," said Bird, 67, of Clarkston. "That's when we had AM radio, two stations, and drag raced between stoplights a quarter mile apart." The irony of playing music on cd and mp3 isn't lost on Deakin. "Someone came up to me and said, 'You use CDs? How retro!' " - Art Aisner,

2:40 pm: Officials with the Bloomfield Township Police Department report no incidents, injuries or any general mischief thus far along the Woodward Avenue coridoor. Several are on bike patrols through the parking lots and along the main drag. - Art Aisner,

2:30 pm: "This is, without a doubt, the quietest spot along Woodward," said Huntington Woods Mayor Ronald Gillham, who sat with his wife Shirley, in front of the EvansPletkovic law firm in Huntington Woods. The pair enjoyed the cruise while they monitored 10 parking spaces sold at $75 each on behalf of Berkley-Huntington Woods Youth Assistance. - Leslie Ellis,

2:10 pm: Chevrolet is celebrating the Corvette's 60th anniversary with a living timeline featuring dozens of models from every era. You can find the display on South Old Woodward in Birmingham. What else you can find at the Chevrolet display?

  • A display of airbrushed vehicle hoods painted to represent the four branches of the military. While you're there, donate your used cell phone in the Cell Phones for Soldiers program.
  • A customized First Responder Chevrolet Silverado, painted with images of 9/11 first responders by artist Micky Harris. "The tailgate provides some final closure to that terrible day, depicting the situation room and navy seals raid on 5/1/11. Finally, the bed cover depicts a first responder and the 441 names of those responders who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that September Day." 
  • Detroit artist Shades painting a giant Corvette-inspired mural on South Old Woodward.

- Laura Houser,

1:50 pm: The inaugural run of the Bloomfield Township Dream Drive Friday was an overwhelming success, said Leslie Helwig, the township's director of community relations. "People were lined up here before we could even get started. It was much more than we expected," Helwig said during the Bloomfield Township Classic Car Show Saturday. For $15, participants took a 15-minute ride in one of the Superformance Cobra vehicles to help benefit the Bloomfield Hills Optimist Club, Bloomfield Township Fire Department Charities and Bloomfield Township Police Department Benevolent Fund. Rider's had their pictures taken in their favorite Cobras and will be included in compiled gallery for the township's website. and Facebook. "The cars were gorgeous, the drivers were wonderful and people came back just so excited," she said. - Art Aisner,

1:40 pm: The Oakleaf Model A Restorers Club returned to downtown Birmingham for the Saturday. Bloomfield Hills resident Jack Bahm and Beverly Hills resident Bob Jordan said restoring Ford Model A's is both a hobby and a passion. "They have such a unique design, and they have such a unique endurance," Bahm said. - Laura Houser,

1:20 pm: Frank Firek, 6, and Ashton Firek, 2, are running a lemonade stand during the Woodward Dream Cruise and did the same thing last year. Their dad, Frank, said last year they donated a third of the proceeds to the in Royal Oak to buy school supplies for the children in the program. The Judson Center is a nonprofit human service agency that provides autism, behavioral and mental health, and disability services. Frank said they used to go watch the cruise but decided with all the foot traffic on their street it'd be a good time to set up a lemonade stand and help out a good cause. The boys will get to spend another third of their proceeds and will save the remaining third.

"Lemonade for sale!" shouted Frank. - Judy Davids,

1:05 pm: If the sight of Royal Oak police officers cruising down Woodward Avenue in convertible squad cars makes you wonder how the city can afford such luxury, don’t fret. The fancy cop cars all go back on Monday. “The whole force is deployed for the Dream Cruise,” said Commissioner Jim Rasor. “We don’t have enough squad cars for them all, so dealers have donated vehicles.” Naturally, they want to show off their slickest models, Rasor said, and that is why you may notice a convertible Camaro with Royal Oak Police splashed across the side. - Judy Davids,

12:45 p.m.: Mustang Alley on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale is brimming with Pony Cards. Organizers reported on Aug. 8 that 800 Mustangs had been registered to participate in alley activities with another 89 on the waiting list. If you Mustangs get your motor revving, Ferndale is the place to be. Here's a list of registrations by year:

1964.5 3
1989 9 1965 18
1990 9 1966 19
1991 10 1967 16
1992 4 1968 11
1993 18 1969 22
1994 11 1970 20
1995 9 1971 4
1996 10 1972 1
1997 8 1973 8
1998 13 1974 0
1999 15 1975 0
2000 16 1976 0
2001 27 1977 2
2002 9 1978 5
2003 38 1979 3
2004 38 1980 0
2005 44 1981 0
2006 43 1982 1
2007 72 1983 2
2008 47 1984 2
2009 24 1985 5
2010 24 1986 12
2011 47 1987 7
2012 60 1988 11
2013 23

- Don Wyatt, Patch.com

12:30 p.m.: Our is up and features images from this morning's events. We'll be updating this gallery throughout the day, so check it out early and often. - Don Wyatt, Patch.com

12:28 pm: Remember the Marauder? Ford re-introduced a third generation of the Mercury Marauder in 2003 and discontinued it in 2004 after sales were lower than expected. The vehicle is known for its Mustang motor and retro look. David Popovich and his car club, the Motor City Marauders, didn’t want the legacy of this classic car to die. So, for the past nine years, they have showed off their Marauders at the Woodward Dream Cruise. “It’s the biggest one-day car event ever,” said Popovich, of Macomb Township. “For a car guy, this is heaven.” - Nicquel Terry, Clawson Patch

12:18 pm: We highlighted a YouTube video featuring an aerial view of of the Dream Cruise. The Detroit News is featuring another unique look at the event. It's a 360-degree view of a corner on Woodward Avenue. - Don Wyatt, Patch.com

12:10 pm: in Berkley is working to make the most of its first Woodward Dream Cruise by selling pizza along Woodward Avenue in  Berkley and offering samples of fresh-baked pastries outside its restaurant. "We've been a little slower than normal, maybe 10 to 15 percent compared to a normal Friday," manager Ron Nussbaum said Saturday. "We're kind of in an in-between position. It seems to be busier at 13 and Woodward (in Royal Oak) and farther south. "We're trying to make this a destination," he said.

Noon: If you're checking out the Dream Cruise today, make sure to take a stroll down Nine Mile Road in Ferndale to find two attractions that are brand new this year. Cars in Art will feature local tattoo artists painting automotive murals on the body of cargo vans, and a team of local students and retired auto engineers called Restoration Academy will be building a classic car on location.

11:45 am: It's all good under the hood. Tom Ayers and his car buddies were showing off their engines in the parking lot of the Shell gas station at Woodward and Hunter Avenue in Royal Oak. Ayers, who lives in southern Indiana, travels to car shows all over the Midwest with his 1965 Corvette Roadster and 2010 Corvetter Roadster. Ayers said most of their car engines are new, detailed and made of chrome. “It’s great, we do this as a hobby,” Ayers said. “They wanna show off the horsepower.”

11:20 am: Ken Kolton and his friends were marking their their spots for the Woodward Dream Cruise on Friday evening and camped out. The group packed up a tent, gas grill, food and parked their classic cars at Normandy and Woodward. “It’s such a friendly atmosphere,” said Kolton, who didn’t bring a car but enjoys the annual Dream Cruise tradition. “It’s an ordeal, it’s a part of life.” Kolton’s friend, Bill Woolsey, was showing off his 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS at the Cruise. It’s a special body style that car manufacturers only made for two years, he said. “I’ll probably drive it (down Woodward), but once it starts getting busy it will sit,” said Woolsey, of Rochester Hills. 

11:10 am: Among those traveling up and down Woodward Avenue this morning will be a husband and wife from New Zealand. Mary Conway of WXYZ-TV reports that Murray and Val Toms traveled all the way from New Zealand to be a part of this year's Dream Cruise. They are buying a 1937 Plymouth from Classic Auto showplace in Troy, plan to drive it in the cruise and then drive it to California to ship it home. Said Murray Toms: "I have always loved cars and there is so much automotive history here."

10:45 am: The Dream Cruise kicked off early this morning with a run in Royal Oak. Among the more than 575 participants in the inaugural Cruise in Shoes 5K Run/Walk were Aaron and Babara Campos, of Troy. "We like doing the local races," Aaron said after finishing the 5K. "It was a fun route," said Barbara Campos.Volunteer Diane Raab, of Royal Oak, was cheering on the runners as they approached the finish line. "It's great, good turnout, good organization," she said of the run/walk event. "People are very enthusiastic about it. And you couldn't have asked for better weather for something like this." Karen Soper, of Oak Park, participated in the event - and so did her sons Owen, 6, and Simon, 3 - who were proudly showing off their medals. "We thought it'd be cool because we've lived in the Dream Cruise area the whole time it's been going on," she said. A  costume contest was part of the event's pre-race festivities. Kendra Barnowski, a Shrine High School student, won the award for Best '50s Dress, and Glenn Finazzo and Jen Minotti, both of Lapeer, won a prize for Best '50s Couple. See, complete with photos, at Royal Oak Patch.

10:30 am: Surfing the Web for Dream Cruise posts led to this diamond-in-the-rough video on YouTube by TwoLaneBlackTopProd. To make it, a camera was attached to an R/C helicopter and flown over Woodward Avenue during Friday's cruise. For those who have never been to a Dream Cruise, it's a unique perspective on the cruising activities, although if it were done today, the activity would be much, much greater.

10:22 am: The cruisers are out in force and the traffic is slowing. A dozen or so Plymouth Prowlers were, well, prowling together along the route near the intersection of Woodward and Lincoln Street in Birmingham. They slipped by before I could snap a photo! Spectators continue to walk the route claiming their spots. But it's still early. There's lots of open grassy areas along the route between the sidewalks and Woodward Avenue.

10:10 am: What a difference a year makes. Today's weather forecast is in stark contrast to last year's event, which was nearly rained out halfway through by . In total, that fateful Dream Cruise Saturday, with dozens of trees and power lines knocked down by 60-mph winds. In response, the Woodward Dream Cruise was shut down early, . Currently along Woodward its 57 degrees with lots of sunshine and little wind. Perfect cruising weather. Bring the suncreen and c'mon down.

9:42 am: For those not camped out along Woodward, here are a few of the rules of the road for Dream Cruise. First, cruisers are asked to travel in the two outside lanes closest to give fans a closer look at all the automotive hardware. Second, spectators are not allowed to use medians to watch the event. That's true for all communities except in Ferndale. The grassy medians might look like a great place to watch theaction, but Lt. Thomas Goad pointed out they must remain clear for law enforcement vehicles and ambulances if they need to maneuver around traffic. Cruisegoers can set up chairs and blankets between the sidewalk and curb, but sidewalks must remain clear. Third, police along the route will aggressively enforce open alcohol laws. ""Remember, this is a family event, minimize the alcohol intake," Chief Richard Matott of the told Patch. Officers will be looking for cruisers who are driving recklessly on Woodward Avenue, which is a misdemeanor violation that could receive a fine up to $500.

Other tips from police:

  • Don't jay walk; you will be ticketed. Walk to an intersection and use the cross walk.
  • Drivers must have registration and insurance documentation, proper license plates and obey traffic laws.
  • Leave the alcohol at home or enjoy it inside designated spaces in bars, restaurants and party areas. If you are intoxicated on the sidewalk you could spend the night in jail.

9:33 am: Traffic along Woodward is moving normally, according to a Freep.com report. Traffic is flowing smoothly early - with speeds 5 miles per hour to 10 mph under posted speed limits coming north on Woodward from I-696. Traffic.com shows Woodward to be severely affected by a planned event. Duh!

9:10 am: Let the games, er, cruising begin! Unlike last year, the National Weather Service forecast is for mostly sunny skies with a high around 75 degrees. Currently, it's 57 degrees along the Dream Cruise route. It's a far cry from last year when shut down the cruise.


We're just minutes away from the official start of the 2012 Dream Cruise, and already Woodward Avenue from from Bloomfield Hills to Ferndale is filled with colorful cars. Spectators along the 16-mile route are finding their spots and vendors are putting out merchandise and cookin' up grub.

Patch will be following today's activity with frequent updates and photos, so sit back, grab a cuppa joe, check out what is and check in regularly as we watch and report how this year's cruise unfolds.

Already this morning, hundreds of runners were running in the Cruise for Shoes 5K/Run/Walk at Shrine High School in Royal Oak. We'll have more from the event as we get it.

The Duke of Royal Oak August 18, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Great day for the Dream Cruise. Many visitors in the area. Welcome to Royal Oak!!!
Anna Troppens August 18, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Sounds cool!


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