K2/Spice, Medicine Disposal Programs, Bike Clinic are Top Initiatives for ROCC

The Royal Oak Community Coalition releases report outlining its efforts to address community substance abuse issues and prevention.

The Royal Oak Community Coalition (ROCC) released its Annual Report to the Community in its February newsletter.

ROCC serves to coordinate efforts in addressing community substance abuse issues, as well as provide technical assistance to all segments of the community in their prevention efforts.

Its many projects and activities drive community focus and energy toward shifting norms, attitudes and behaviors. Through multiple strategies and an evidence-based approach, different entities in the community are able to find an active role within the Coalition framework. 

ROCC was among seven Oakland County entities to receive nearly $8,000 in funds from The Brooksie Way Minigrant program.

Below is a brief summary of seven of the most prominent ROCC programs:

1. Fun Under 20/Spring Break Royal Oak: Partnered with multiple area businesses to provided youth with a list of 51 low cost activities to keep them safely entertained during Spring Break and all year long.

2. 21 to Buy, Not Supply: Collaborated with Oakland County Health Dept. and Michigan Liquor Control Commission to create statewide campaign and radio PSA to educate young adults on the penalties of buying alcohol for underage friends and family members (reported as the primary source for minors).

3. Medicine Disposal Programs: To raise awareness of the dangers of illegal use of prescription drug, ROCC promoted “Operation Medicine Cabinet” in collaboration with the Royal Oak Police Department, and worked with three pharmacies in Royal Oak to institute “Yellow Jug Old Drugs” to collect expired and unused over the counter medications.

4. K2/Spice: In collaboration with “Support Our Youth”, an awareness and educational campaign was initiated to notify area merchants of the dangers of K2/Spice. Two follow- up visits were conducted of local gas stations and convenience stores and found 5 stores still selling the synthetic drug. City Commissioner quickly enacted an emergency ban.

5. Bike Clinic: Awarded a “Brooskie Way” mini grant to sponsor a family friendly bike clinic on National Drug-Free Day. Over 150 families participated along with 40 biking/ health related vendors at the Farmers Market.

6. Celebrate the Holidays Safely: Partnered with the Rock on Third and Royal Oak teens from “Be The Change” to provide festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks to 300 adults at the Royal Oak High School PTSA Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair with hosting tips and alternatives to driving after drinking.

7. Curb Underage Access to Tobacco and Alcohol: Conducted onsite visits to 127 alcohol and tobacco vendors to provide education kits and I.D. Checking Guides. Worked with Common Ground to provide prevention message cards and crisis hotline number enclosed in prom flower boxes.

Source: Royal Oak Community Coalition

Lynne Ross February 18, 2013 at 04:18 PM
What is the community coalition doing to specifically address the heroin epidemic that has a hold of our community? We continue to have overdoses reported in the weekly police log.
L. Williamson February 18, 2013 at 08:34 PM
A house in my neighborhood was recently busted for distributing heroin. http://www.candgnews.com/news/narcotics-team-arrests-alleged-heroin-dealer-0


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