Ryan and Megan McVicar are Livin' on a Prayer in Royal Oak

In honor of Valentine's Day, we're taking a look at some of Royal Oak's cutest couples.

Royal Oak has its fair share of lovebirds, so we decided to check in with a few of them before Valentine's Day and ask them to share relationship and date night secrets.

Today we take a closer look at what makes Ryan and Megan McVicar so sweet.

How long have you been together?

11 years!   

What’s the secret to a successful and happy relationship?

Cultivate a deep, enjoyable friendship. Marriage is the union of two people who are best friends. Although this feeling comes natural while dating or in the early days of marriage, it will not remain unless there is a commitment to continue the hard (and fun!) work of cultivating this friendship. It takes time. It takes humility (to admit your own faults before accusing your spouse). It takes community (we need the encouragement of friends who know us well). It takes romance. It takes a patience to grind through the mundane moments of life. It takes prayer (some of our most reconciling and intimate moments are when we pray together). It takes a willingness to leave everything behind in order to go have fun together and to enjoy life together (often!). 

What famous couple do you emulate?

I don’t know if any one couple fits us. A famous wife does not exist, either in real life or cinema, who matches the beauty, character, wisdom and fun of Megan McVicar! On the other hand, I sometimes feel I’m on the level with a husband like Royal Tenenbaum. I married up! 

Why did you settle in Royal Oak, and how long have you lived here?

We moved to Royal Oak this past July because we love the beauty, diversity, life, community and eclectic nature of Royal Oak. We’re on a new adventure in Royal Oak and it’s been a blast. 

What’s your favorite romantic night out in Royal Oak and why?

Well, I won’t say if this is real or fantasy, so I’ll leave you to guess. It’s actually a romantic day that starts at 6:30 AM. I rise to surprise Megan and the kids with freshly baked pancakes. The baby sitter arrives and I take Megan for a morning stroll down Main Street, stopping by Bean and Leaf or Caribou for a latte. After a little shopping, we drop into Cafe Muse for conversation over lunch. After lunch and a matinée at the theatre, it just so happens there is a wine tasting at Elie’sand Vinotecca and we stop in to enjoy both of them. It’s time for more conversation over food and we decide to go with hot pretzels for an appetizer atBastones and a Lockhart’s special for the main course at Lockhart’s BBQ. On our way home to relieve the babysitter, we drop into Taste Love Cupcakes for a tasty treat and pick up a cupcake for the kids (chocolate peanut butter, of course). Before the kids go to bed, we enjoy a family dance party in the living room. Megan and I spend some time reading together from the new biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and close out the night cuddling up to a Wes Anderson flick and an episode of Seinfeld. We also check the Royal Oak Patch to see what news we missed from the day. All is well.


If you have any other ideas for a great Royal Oak couple to interview, please drop their names in the comments below!


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