Who Spent What on Prop A? Post Campaign Statements Are In

One Royal Oak outspends Just Royal Oak by more than 14 times as much.

Royal Oak voters passed a human rights ordinance on Nov. 5.
Royal Oak voters passed a human rights ordinance on Nov. 5.
Campaign finance reports filed this week with the Oakland County Elections Division show One Royal Oak, the pro-human rights ordinance committee, outspent Royal Oak Voting Against Prop A Special Rights (also known as Just Royal Oak) by more than $124,000 in the Nov. 5 election.

The much talked about human rights ordinance won voter approval. Voters said yes (53.96 percent) to prohibiting discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status, with 12,556 voters casting ballots for a 25.5 percent turnout. 

Post campaign statements, which were due Thursday, show:
One Royal Oak
  • Raised: $113,964 
  • In-kind contributions: $19,775 
  • Items of note: $43,846 expenditure for communication strategies from Kalamazoo-based Badland Strategies; $2,500 expenditure for airfare for attorney Regina Calcagno of Grand Ledge; $10,028 expenditure for postage costs
[Click here to view One Royal Oak's Post-Election Statement.]

Royal Oak Voting Against Prop A Special Rights
  • Raised: $4,327 
  • In-kind contributions: $5,042
  • Items of note: $289 in-kind contribution for Robocall donated by State Rep. Tom McMillan of Rochester Hills; $1,495 expenditure for Royal Oak Voter ID Calls 
[Click here to view Just Royal Oak's Post-Election Statement.]

Note: In-kind contributions are defined as gifts, such as food for volunteers or supplies (stamps, envelopes) which are not monetary grants.


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