Try These 'Mocktails' at Your New Year's Eve Party

Just because you're not drinking champagne doesn't mean you can't enjoy your beverage.

By Patch Staff

Plenty of people will be popping corks in Royal Oak for New Year's Eve and the champagne - and other alcoholic drinks - will flow freely.

But designated drivers -and other teetotalers - deserve fun drinks, too, don't you think? Here are a few options for fun, non-alcoholic drinks.

Click on the drink name for the recipe.

Afterglow: A really fruity drink that includes orange and pineapple juice.

After midnight: This is a fun take on iced coffee, that's heavy on the milk. A perfect nightcap.

Golden Punch: Making a bowl of punch means less time making drinks during your party. Just watch out for the person with the flask trying to spike your punch. This one is heavy on orange juice.

Holiday Punch: This is a bright, refreshing cranberry-centric punch, great for parties.

Mock Champagne: Raise a toast to the New Year with a combination of ginger ale, pineapple juice and white grape juice.

Raspberry Lime Rickey: This recipe uses flavored syrup.

Shirley Temple: Kids will enjoy this classic mocktail.

Share your favorite non-alcoholic drink in the comments.


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