Letter to Editor: Ginotti for Judge

Royal Oak residents say Carlo Ginotti knows the community and the law.

The following letter was sent to Royal Oak Patch by Bob and Carol Hennessey of Royal Oak:

We have come to you before when we needed to move the Veterans Monument to a more dedicated place to show respect to our Veterans and the wonderful people of this community have come though with flying colors. We are coming to you again to help us support Carlo Ginotti for 44th District Court. We have had the privilege to work with Carlo for many years on different committees and have found him to be an honest hard working family man that does what he says he is going to do such as working to continue to have a Royal Oak Memorial Day Parade to honor our veterans, cleaning veterans' graves and placing flags on their graves plus so many more things that he does behind the scenes for our community.

Carlo has been involved in the community for many years.  During all his volunteering in Royal Oak as co-chair of the Memorial Day Parade, Sandlot baseball coach, emcee for the Holiday Magic and St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Library Board, Producing and Host of the Royal Oak Show plus countless other groups including eight years on the City Commission, he knows what Royal Oak needs. You, the Citizens of Royal Oak have trusted him for eight years.  It’s now time to trust him for the 44th District  Judge on Nov. 6.

He has been in law for 25 years from private practice to Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office to assistant to the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.  He has received the unwavering support from the Free Press, Oakland Press, Police Officers Association of Michigan and countless other groups because of his 25 years of legal experience as a prosecutor and private practice.

As you can see, Carlo has experience knowing the community and the law.  Please join us in voting for Carlo Ginotti for 44th District Court

Bob and Carol Hennessey

Carol Hennessey November 05, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Please vote tomorrow, November 6th, your vote counts, Put a check mark by Carlo Ginotti and vote yes for the R.O. Safety Millage & the R.O. School Fund proposals. Thanks, we need Carlo & the two proposals approved to keep Royal Oak the great community that it is.


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