Letter to Editor: Meinecke has 'Positive Qualities'

Derek Meinecke reminds Royal Oak residents Jay and Patty Dunstan of Judge Keith Leenhouts.

The following letter was sent to Royal Oak Patch by Jay and Patty Dunstan of Royal Oak:

Patty and I have been very fortunate to have met many wonderful Royal Oak people in the 39 years of our relationship-the past 32 of those years while married.

We've raised our two children through Royal Oak Schools, watched them get married, and then were rewarded with beautiful grandchildren. Along the way we've made lifelong friends of  countless Royal Oak residents. Derek Meinecke is one of those people. 

When we crossed paths with Derek a number of years ago he immediately showed us many positive qualities. His interaction with his wife, children, and the community were what struck us the most. He holds the ability to put everyone else first and his selflessness is second to no one.

As I watched him interact with his family and the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, as well as other youth groups he reminded me a great deal of my mentor and friend the Honorable Judge Keith Leenhouts. He spent many years as my Sunday School teacher and softball coach at First United Methodist Church inDowntown Royal Oak. As Derek does today - Judge Leenhouts taught children the values needed to be good human beings and good citizens.

Recognizing this, Judge Leenhouts has chosen to support Derek Meinecke for 44th District Judge. We've actually been fortunate to get to know Derek and his wife Mandy even better over the past year. Derek has reinforced our early first impressions of him as we've witnessed first-hand the way in which he has conducted his campaign for Royal Oak District Court Judge.

His experience in the Royal Oak and Oakland County Court Systems make him the best candidate for this position. Please join Patty and I in supporting Derek on Nov. 6. Having our roots firmly planted in this community, we look forward to Derek's stewardship for the residents of Royal Oak.

Jay Dunstan

-President Royal Oak Optimist Club
-Vice President Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce
-Director Royal Oak Downtown Development Authority
-Board of Trustees Boys and Girls Clubs of South Oakland County
-Current Vice President and Past President Royal Oak Historical Society

Patty Dunstan

-2008 Royal Oak Citizens of the Year
-Co-Founder Volunteer Royal Oak

Chris D. October 31, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Is Mr. Dunstan endorsing this guy on behalf of the Optimist Club, The Chamber of Commerce, The Downtown development Authority, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Historical Society? If not, why is he listing his resume'? You don't see any of the former city commissioners and community activists like Jim Johnson, Ilene Lanfear, Andrew Prentice, Laura Harrison, Marie Donigan, Kevin Mclogan, Dennis Cowan, etc. listing all the committees they served on in their years of service to the community when they wrote endorsement letters on the same topic. Methinks Mr. Dunstan might be full of himself.
Pete October 31, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Jay is a good guy, but I kinda thought the same thing. When making political endorsements, it is inappropriate to list the organizations that one is affiliated with, if you are not speaking for the entire organization(s). I also found it odd that he seperates his name from his wife's. Compare this with the letter Jim Johson submitted with his wife. They signed it Jim and Marge Johnson, like just about any husband/wife would sign a letter. Looks like Jay is gearing up to run for office. Go Jay!
Pete October 31, 2012 at 07:08 PM
PS...if I was a member of one of those organizations and supported the other candidate, I would be ticked off.
J. Jacobs October 31, 2012 at 11:08 PM
By signing this as the President of the Optimist Club, Dunstan gives the impression that he is speaking on behalf of the Optimist Club. Same goes for the other organizations that he listed. I hope he wasn't intentionally trying to mislead voters that the Optimist Club endorses Mr. Meinecke.


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