Letter to Editor: Meinecke has Support of Law Enforcement Family

Al and Yvonne Carter pledge full support for Derek Meinecke for judge of the 44th District Court.

The following letter was sent to Royal Oak Patch by Royal Oak residents Al and Yvonne Carter:

We would like to take this opportunity to say we are endorsing Derek Meinecke for judge of the 44th District Court. Derek is a honest, loyal and deeply committed family man. We consider it to be a privilege to call Derek a friend. We are very proud of the positive and professional way he has conducted his campaign.

Derek has very strong community ties and an immeasurable love for the City of Royal Oak! Derek has the full support from the law enforcement unions and their families. He has a solid plan and goal to work closely with the police and schools to ensure our youth our protected and given the proper assistance they may need to succeed.

As a law enforcement family and a parents of four teenagers we cannot express the importance of this partnership. Derek has a respectful and trustworthy reputation with a dedicated vision for Royal Oak. Derek Meinecke is the right choice for the Royal Oak 44th District Court!

We have pledged our full support for Derek and we ask our family and friends to do the same! Please vote for Derek Meinecke on Nov. 6.  

Sgt. Al Carter, Royal Oak Police, and Yvonne Carter


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