Letter to the Editor: Meinecke for Judge

Royal Oak residents believe Derek Meinecke possesses the calm, thoughtful demeanor valued in a judge.

The following letter was sent to Royal Oak Patch by Gerry and Kathy Boylan of Royal Oak:

We're writing to endorse Derek Meinecke for Royal Oak Judge on November 6th.  Derek possesses the qualities we believe will serve Royal Oak very well in this important judicial position.  He is a man of high integrity and intelligence, very experienced in our justice system and a tireless worker.  He possesses excellent judgment and is firm, fair and consistent, all traits we value in a judge.

Derek Meinecke represents the best and brightest our fair city of Royal Oak has to offer and we believe in his role as Judge, he will be a valuable part of our already excellent 44th District Court.  

We have been very impressed by Derek's campaign.  He has made the campaign a family affair and stood above ugly negative campaigning, keeping true to his pledge to run a positive campaign.  This is a man of high character. 

Derek has been able to gain support from all corners and neighborhoods of Royal Oak, often uniting groups and individuals that would oppose each other in elections. I consider this a very high compliment to him and his candidacy.   

In addition, the array of professional endorsements he has received is unparalleled and extraordinarily impressive. When the highly regarded and experienced current Judge Sawicki gives his unqualified support to a candidate, it makes sense to listen.  

We have also seen Derek walk the neighborhoods for months, meeting the most important people in this important election, the citizens of Royal Oak.  The people of Royal Oak have responded very positively and embraced Derek's candidacy.  

Derek possesses the calm, thoughtful demeanor valued in a Judge.  We want to see the best and brightest in the very important position of Judge in Royal Oak. For all of these many qualifications and reasons, we strongly endorse Derek Meinecke and ask for the voters’ strong consideration of his candidacy.

Gerry and Kathy Boylan


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