Make Low-Interest Bond Available to Save Homes, County Commissioner Candidate Says

"We need to reclaim our voice and clean up our county and our country. Restore its strengths. Reduce it weaknesses. And replace its bureaucracy with a moral family oriented spirit we so desperately need," says Steven Zimberg of Huntington Wood

“We all know that getting a $16 trillion adjustable mortgage is not the right answer”, says Steven Zimberg of Huntington Woods and currently running for a seat on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.  “We know how dangerous adjustable mortgages can be once interest rates start rising, and especially when it’s to purchase water to pour into a bucket full of holes”.

For the last several elections, the race for President has been equally split between Republican and Democrat supporters. Yet each party representative has followed the common decision of over watering the governmental tree and in the process, letting all its branches and leaves go bad.

As individual citizens we know things are pretty messed up and complicated.  We occasionally shout out but our voices so often simply bounce off deaf ears.  Even union member voices are not being heard.  In the private sector at least, their members have taken as big a hit as anyone for nearly the past decade.  Many are unemployed, have lost their homes, experience extreme family struggles, live without health care and even their retirement prospects are in jeopardy like so many others.

The noted economist Henry Hazlitt, in his short essay titled, “Do Unions Really Raise Wages”, explained the solid need for unions and that as long as they do not use undue force, also correct themselves during these business cycles.  Former Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a staunch follower of this school of thought.

“I’m a 35 year union electrician, but when the economy turned sour in the early 70’s, I went off to Hillsdale College where I had the unique opportunity to learn this same economic and business cycle theory”, says Zimberg.  “So I personally feel the growing effects and can relate to what is going on and why we are now all in this mess together”.

Need to get back to basics

According to Zimberg’s campaign flyer, “We can no longer let our seasoned politicians ignore the long-term effects of their often self-serving actions.  This has damaged our families, businesses and communities… and future generations too.  We deserve better”.

“We cannot even raise our own children anymore without the ongoing stresses of making a wrong move and losing everything”, says Zimberg.  Our kids are straddled with college and credit card debts, lack affordable healthcare, and many caring for their elderly parents.  They worry how they are able to compete and get ahead, especially when that higher interest on that new adjustable rate mortgage starts kicking in…”

Common Sense Solutions

What is missing is the true and active voice of the citizens.  We need to reclaim our voice and clean up our county and our country.  Restore its strengths.  Reduce it weaknesses.  And replace its bureaucracy with a moral family oriented spirit we so desperately need.  We can not quit or be apathetic.  We need to stand up and work together to keep those in power in balance.  Every little change in the right direction will do wonders for everyone, even for those who may also be falling through many of these holes.

On his website, Zimberg4commissioner.com, he gives the example of homeowners with delinquent property taxes and losing their homes.  When one falls behind in their property taxes, the penalty is 1.5% a month plus another 10% in March.  Why not have a low interest bond available and avoid so much unnecessary grief.  The county still has their collateral and so much deterioration avoided.

Besides running for county commissioner, Zimberg is also the founder of Societism Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is promoting the well being of the group without neglecting the significance of the individual. He can be reached at 248-543-8844.

Republican Steven Zimberg of Huntington Woods is running to represent the 18th District on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

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