Should Nickelback Perform at the Lions' Thanksgiving Day Game?

Rock band's scheduled appearance has drawn the ire of Detroit Lions' fans.

Nickelback? Step back!

In the past, Detroit Lions fans have had plenty to complain about on the field, from Scott Mitchell and Joey Harrington to Bobby Ross and Marty Mornhinweg.

But now that quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson have helped the Lions to a 6-2 start this season, Lions fans have a new complaint: the band on the field at halftime for this year’s Thanksgiving Day showdown against the Green Bay Packers.

Dennis Guttman, a student at the University of Michigan, has started a petition to ask the Lions to drop Nickelback from the rock band’s scheduled appearance at the Nov. 24 game.

The petition rails against the group, asking "Does anyone even like Nickelback?"

One commenter, Eva Blankinship, said she would "rather drink bleach than listen to Nickelback and have them associated with Detroit."

As of Monday, Nov. 7, more than 42,000 people have signed Guttman’s online petition, and the pushback against Nickelback has drawn attention from national media outlets such as ESPN, Time and Deadspin.

Some Detroit area rockers have even “volunteered” to step in for Nickelback.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., a rock duo, announced on its Facebook page that the group “would be willing to replace Nickelback on the Thanksgiving Day Halftime show, but we still feel the Robocop Statue is a more important enterprise that we'd rather lend our support to.”

What do you think?

Should Nickelback perform at the Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game? And if not, which band should replace them?

Lynette Painter Douglas November 08, 2011 at 05:12 PM
Who cares who plays at the halftime show. I think we should have more focus on the team were are up against with the 8-0 record!
Clare Pfeiffer Ramsey November 09, 2011 at 12:24 AM
We've got Patches in Wisconsin, and they asked Packers fans the same question. It's pretty neck and neck on their poll, too: http://waukesha.patch.com/articles/should-nickelback-perform-at-the-packers-lions-thanskgiving-game
Rich Kane November 09, 2011 at 02:58 AM
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, it's just in a different month than the States -- second Monday in October, same as American Columbus Day.
Sean Wheeler November 09, 2011 at 05:19 AM
Nickelback is bland, soulless, generic, corporate "rock." Detroiters hate them because they actually recognize rock music when they hear it, and letting them play on such a big stage is tacitly approving of their sound. Yes, they suck. If you like Nicklelback, you really need to re-examine your musical tastes and start looking for bands that don't get play on corporate radio.
John Hetzler November 11, 2011 at 02:27 PM
Despite more than 52,000 signatures on change.org, the Detroit News reports that the Lions have confirmed that Nickelback will perform at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game: http://detnews.com/article/20111110/ENT04/111100501/1424/ENT04/It%E2%80%99s-official--Nickelback-to-play-Lions%E2%80%99-Thanksgiving-Day-halftime By the way, as of Friday morning, our poll shows opinion split straight down the middle.


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