Police Blotter: Driver Assaults Pedestrian

The following information was supplied by the Royal Oak Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Highlights from Royal Oak Police Department reports from the past week:

Driver assaults pedestrian

13 Mile and Coolidge, Nov. 11:  A man reported he was crossing the street at Coolidge and 13 Mile when a white GMC pick up turned in front of him and brushed the side of his body.  The man raised his arms in protest and continued to walk into the CVS parking lot.  The pick up pulled into the lot and the driver exited the vehicle and began to assault the man.  Two other people exited the pick up and joined in the assault, knocking the man to the ground.  The driver of the pick up is described as a male in his 20s.  The man was not able to describe the other two suspects.  

Home Invasion 

2100 block of Linwood, Nov. 8:  A man reported someone entered his unlocked, detached garage, and stole a leaf blower. 

2100 block of Linwood, Nov. 10:  A man reported someone entered his open garage and stole his Trek 2.1 bicycle. 

1700 block of Gardenia, Nov. 14:  A woman reported she arrived home from work and entered the bathroom.  While in the bathroom, the she heard the front door open and someone walking around.  When the she called out, the suspect left the apartment.  The woman exited the bathroom and noticed her purse had been stolen. 

Breaking and entering

1000 block of S. Washington, Nov. 11:  Royal Oak officers responded to a breaking and entering in progress.  Upon arrival they located a man inside the business sitting on a couch.  The officers noticed several items broken and several rooms were in disarray.  The man was taken into custody without incident.  The man had no explanation on why he was in the business yet nothing appeared to be stolen.  The man was charged with unlawful entry and malicious damage to property. 

Stolen Halloween lights, prescription medication 

500 block of N. Vermont , Nov. 10:  A man reported someone stole his Halloween lights. 

600 block of Royal, Nov. 10:  A woman reported someone stole a hair dryer and jewelry from her home. The woman stated the crime occurred sometime over the past two months. The woman believes the items were taken someone who frequents the home. 

Emagine Theatre, 200 N. Main, Nov. 10:  A man reported someone stole his Galaxy 3 cell phone from the valet stand. 

100 block of Tiffany Lane , Nov. 12:  A woman reported her roommate’s friends stole jewelry from her bedroom.  The crime occurred sometime over the past two weeks. 

500 block of S. Dorchester, Nov. 12:  A man reported he hired someone to rake his leaves.  The person finished the job and then used the man’s bathroom and stole prescription medication. 

100 block of Tiffany Lane , Nov. 13:  A woman reported someone stole jewelry from her bedroom.  She believes the items were taken by someone who frequents the home. 

LA Fitness, 25352 Woodward Avenue, Nov. 14:  A man reported someone stole his gym bag from an unsecured locker.  The bag contained car keys, wallet and an undisclosed amount of currency. 

500 block of Parkdale, Nov. 14:  A woman reported she came to stay with a family member for a few weeks.  During her stay someone stole several pieces of her jewelry. 

Cars stolen

11 Mile and Stephenson, Nov. 14:  A man reported his vehicle ran out of gas on the exit ramp to 11 Mile from I-75.  The man left the vehicle on the shoulder and walked home.  When he went to check on the vehicle the following day, the vehicle had been stolen.  The vehicle is described as a 2002 brown Chevrolet Impala. 

Village Jeep, 31200 Woodward Avenue, Nov. 10:  A person reported someone smashed the passenger side window on a 2000 Dodge full size van and attempted to steal it. 

Gun, purse, GPS and more taken from cars

3800 block of Devon, Nov. 11:  A man reported someone stole the license plate from his vehicle. 

Lindell Ice Arena, 1403 Lexington, Nov. 10:  A man reported someone entered his vehicle and stole his black Smith and Wesson revolver from the glove box.  There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle. 

110 block of Sherman, Nov. 9:  A woman reported someone smashed the passenger side window of her vehicle with a brick and stole a purse. 

1900 block of N. Main, Nov. 13:  A woman reported someone smashed the window on her 2007 Jeep Liberty and stole the in-dash GPS unit. 

100 block of Tiffany Lane, Nov. 13:  A man reported someone smashed the window on his 2008 Dodge Charger and stole the in-dash GPS unit and a laptop computer. 

Jogger gets angry

Parent and Washington, Nov. 8:  A man reported having a verbal altercation with a male jogger.  The man reported not seeing the jogger as he pulled into a parking lot and nearly struck him.  The jogger approached his vehicle, began yelling and eventually ripped the mirror off of his vehicle.  The man drove away to avoid any further contact.  

Other incident

TCF Bank, 1811 Crooks, Nov. 13:  A woman reported a man approached her vehicle while she was in the drive-through lane and began screaming at her to move forward.  The suspect punched her window several times and spit on her vehicle.  The suspect left the scene prior to the officer’s arrival.

Bonnie White November 17, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Hey! I understand your being upset with the way other people drive. Some people think the rules don't apply to them. But...please don't be critical of our police officers unless you take a day to walk in their shoes. I would not want their job. If you ever had to call them one time for an emergency, you might think differently. Our safety is their families safety, also.
Jan Smith November 19, 2012 at 12:31 AM
How old was the pedestrian and did no one come to help him? No one got a license plate number? People need to pay attention and take care of each other. Pedestrians do have the right of way. There is a senior citizen complex near that corner. Wake up, people!
Cpt Dano November 19, 2012 at 01:56 PM
No one stops at stop signs any more. Sit at a light and count the number of cars in the left turn lane who actually use a turn signal. Hard to do while holding a phone to your ear. Courtesy... gone! Did they stop including them as standard equiptment on new vehicles. I know my older car has a horn which I fully intend to use when these self centered drivers don't obey these bacic traffic laws


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