City Manager: 'Orson Starr House is NOT for Sale'

City Managers Don Johnson calls rumors "totally false."

Rumors that the Orson Starr House is for sale were dispelled by City Manager Don Johnson at Monday's City Commission meeting.

"There is no plan to sell the Orson Starr House," Johnson said. "I don't know were that came from but it is totally a false rumor. No one is proposing we sell the Orson Starr House."

The Orson Starr House, located 3123 N Main Street, is a historical gem. Built by Orson Starr in 1845, the home was occupied by the family until the 1970s.  

The site is listed in Michigan’s State Register of Historic Sites and has also received an official project designation in the "Save America’s Treasures," program, awarded by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Visit the Orson Starr House

The next open house at the Orson Starr House is from 1-4 p.m. on March 9. Visitors will enjoy a quilt display featuring a special presentation of the Veterans Pride Quilt.

Call Lois Lance at 248-546-0138 for more information.


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