Royal Oak Mayor Posts Pictures of Fire Damage

Mayor Jim Ellison's misfortune is a teaching moment on dyer fire hazards.

Mayor Jim Ellison gave Royal Oak residents their first peek at the fire damage to his dryer and house when he posted pictures on Facebook on Sunday, including one of wife Jodie covered in soot but somehow managing to smile.
On a positive note, the mayor said his misfortune has been a teaching moment for others.

[Read: Dryer Vent Warning Signs: Does Your Dryer Pose a Fire Hazard?]

Is your dryer vent safe? Are you noticing any of the following warning signs?

  • Slow dry time
  • Dryer shutting off before cycle has ended
  • Flapper vent not opening when dryer is on
  • Burning smell
  • Dusty laundry area
  • Wet or damp clothes after cycle has finished
Ellison said he looked at this check list over the weekend and his dryer was displaying many of the warning signs, so check your dryers today.


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