City Commission Tonight: State Parole Policies, Crime Prevention

Royal Oak officials will also consider Commission for the Arts ordinance and a proposal for a new outdoor seating area with a walk-up order window on Main Street.

When Royal Oak's City Commission meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday for its first meeting of the year, it will consider several issues. Highlights include:

  • Discussion of the Michigan Department of Corrections’ parole policies and programs, in the wake of in the .
  • Discussion of the Crime Prevention Council and general crime prevention issues has been requested by Commissioners Peggy Goodwin and David Poulton.
  • A proposal to prepare a license agreement for Franklin Deli at 511 S. Main St. would permit an outdoor seating area and walk-up order window. The hours of operation would be limited to 9 a.m.-11 p.m., and no alcohol sales would be permitted through the walk-up order window.
  • Second reading of a proposed ordinance to establish the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts to encourage and support arts and culture in the city of Royal Oak.
  • Permission to place a Dumpster and required enclosure in the public alley adjacent to 112 Catalpa Dr. has been requested by VRR Properties. In September, Patch reported that Carl "Buddy" Orlando plans to .

The City Commission meets on the third floor of . Visit the City Commission's website for a complete agenda or see attached file.


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