Political Endorsements: Who Are the Northville Democrats Backing in 2012?

Here's a list of this year's election endorsements by the Northville Democratic Club. Who are you voting for?

Northville Democrat and Republican groups have made their endorsements for candidates.

Here are the endorsements by the Northville Democrats for local, state and national offices, according to a press release:

President - Barack Obama

US Senator - Debbie Stabenow

US Congress 11th District: - Dr. Syed Taj

US Congress 11th District (term ending 1- 2-13) - David Curson

20th District Michigan State House - Tim Roraback

21st District Michigan State House – Dian Slavens

38th District Michigan State House - Chuck Tindall

39th District Michigan State House – Pam Jackson

Wayne State Board of Governors - Sandra Hughes O’Brien (Northville Resident)

Wayne County Prosecutor - Kym Worthy for Wayne County Prosecutor

Wayne County Commissioners: 9th District: - Susan Nichols (Northville Resident)

Oakland County Commissioners 9th District - Gwen Markham

Northville Township Trustee - Michael Nolta (Northville Resident)

Plymouth Township Trustee - Alanna Maguire

Canton Library Board – Sommer Foster

Michigan Supreme Court - Judge Connie Marie Kelley

Michigan Supreme Court - Bridget Mary McCormack

Michigan Supreme Court - Judge Shelia Johnson

Wayne County Circuit Court - Brian Morrow (Northville Resident)

Wayne County Circuit Court – All incumbent judges except Judge Adams

Northville School Board - Roland Hwang (Northville Resident)


1: The Emergency Financial Manager Law - NO

2: Michigan Job Protections - YES

3: Renewable Energy Requirements - YES

4: Home Health Care Workers - YES

5: Legislative “Super-Majority on any State Taxes - NO

6: Voter Approval for International Bridges - NO

Mark Anderson November 05, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I didn't read through that listing, it was non-comprehensive (at least the Democrat listing had much more coverage). But the same comment applies there as well.
Nancy Kelsey November 05, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Hi Mark. I pulled the info from what was issued by both groups. I have no stake in covering one more than the other. It truly has been my goal to cover both as equally as possible. Still, I appreciate the feedback. It keeps me on my toes :)
Denise Nash November 05, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Actually, Mark - it's difficult to favor a republican if you are a democrat and vice versa these days. The two sides are nearly opposites of each other lately. I would be afraid to vote for someone of the other party, since they follow party lines and I strongly disagree with their platform and policies. I am looking forward to the day when republicans and democrats both can field some candidates that are more moderate in their views. Until then, I'm on the side that will, in my view, do the least amount of damage.
Mark Anderson November 05, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Denise - isn't that sort of the point? If people continue to just vote party lines, nothing will ever change. Even if you end up voting party lines, after researching each candidate and what they bring, at least you thought beyond a (D) or an (R) to get there. We have FAR too little of that these days.
Allen Merchant November 06, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Will Merchant: Regarding any and all constitutional amendments. At any level, a constitution is the framework that supports our governance. Think of it as a frame upon which a building is constructed. You would not damage the frame to renovate a bathroom, for example. Sadly, some partisan politicians in Washington attempted to start posing any position they favored, at the moment, as a constitutional amendment. Such actions compromise and weaken the constitution. If these people had their way, we'd probably see a constitutional amendment for trash collection day, in the near future. The first answer to any proposed constitutional amendment must be "NO!" As long as I have the floor: If I ever foolishly thought that Matty Maroun cares one tiny bit about anyone but Matty Maroun, all I have to do is think of what he allowed to happen to the Michigan Central Terminal. Allowing that magnificent piece of architectural heritage to decay to the irreparable mess that it is today is pure Matty Maroun. Truthfully, I rather liked it, a few months ago, when he was locked-up in jail. If Kym Worthy can come up with an actual crime that he's committed (Michigan Central should be a crime), I'd be very receptive to the idea that Matty Maroun be in jail for many years!


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