Sidelined Patterson Misses Arts, Beats & Eats Press Conference

For the first time in 15 years, the Oakland County Executive missed the Labor Day weekend festival, which raised $337,092.45 for charities this year.

At an in Royal Oak Tuesday afternoon, Oakland County Chief Deputy Executive Gerald Poisson filled in for L. Brooks Patterson, who was injured in a crash in August.

"Believe me when I tell you he really wishes he were here as opposed to where he's at," said Poisson, who is running the county while Patterson's on the mend.

Poisson said the Oakland County Executive is "doing great" as he recovers from a broken right leg and a broken left hip in a rehab facility.

Patterson was able to follow Arts, Beats & Eats through media reports and updates from his staff, Poisson said.

"He's very thrilled with the amount of money raised for charity and he's even more thrilled with the fact that's it's an execution of a vision to make sure that Oakland County is known not only for it's economic enviroment but for its quality of life," Poisson said.

Charitable proceeds of $337,092.45 from this year's four-day event rank as second-highest profiting weekend in the festival’s history.


  • Brooks Patterson Says He Remembers Nothing of the Aug. 10 Crash


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