It's iPads in Every Classroom for Oakland Elementary

Research shows iPads are able to increase student engagement and raise student motivation.

Oakland Elementary School is getting 38 iPads, three iPads for every classroom, thanks to the combined efforts of the PTA, Royal Oak School District, and Oakland staff. This major endeavor represents a more than $15,000 investment in technology for the building. 

In addition to the iPads, the wireless access system at Oakland Elementary School is being expanded, and each classroom is being equipped with ceiling mounted projectors and Apple TV receivers. Headphones and protective covers are being purchased for each iPad. 

“Through this initiative, Oakland Elementary will have iPads in every classroom all day, every day” said Principal Gary van Staveren. “Our teachers felt it important to be able to use the technology for student learning according to a schedule that works best for their students and classroom.”

“iPads are a great learning tool,” said van Staveren. “They do not replace instruction, but rather supplement instruction.”  The primary goal will be to focus the supplementation instruction on math and literacy then expand throughout the curriculum. iPads will be incorporated into literacy and math workshop stations in each classroom.

This past August, Oakland Elementary School representatives attended a presentation on “How iPads Can Influence Classroom Teaching.” More recently, teacher leaders were sent to Beacon Tree Elementary in Utica to observe their Kindergarten iPad program. Other staff members attended an iPads in the Classroom conference in Livonia. The teachers who attended the outside training then facilitated a professional development session for the staff at Oakland Elementary.

Principal van Staveren cited research that suggests iPads are able to increase student engagement and raise student motivation. In addition iPads can match the needs of individual students with individualized learning activities.  

“We are excited about the iPad program at Oakland Elementary School,” said Shawn Lewis-Lakin, Superintendent of Schools in Royal Oak. “Over the last year, the district has made a significant investment in the Oakland Elementary School building. Working together, the PTA, the staff, and the students are now making a significant investment in moving instruction and instructional technology forward. There is a lot of positive energy and excitement in the building.” Noting that planning is underway to introduce iPads into the instruction at all elementary schools in Royal Oak, Lewis-Lakin stated, “Oakland Elementary is leading the way for the district.”  

Lee February 17, 2013 at 02:40 PM
Ahh, reminds me of Oakridge PTA many years ago, we raised enough money to buy several Apple II E's for the building because as parents we knew how important it was that our children learn how to use them. Finally the district bought one for each elementary school. Technology marches on.
Candi Drouillard February 18, 2013 at 02:19 PM
The Oakland PTA was happy that it was able to raise and contribute $12,000 to this project. Thank you to the parents and all who contributed to making this happen. Candi Drouillard, Oakland PTA President
Corey Sparks February 18, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Great job Oakland PTA. The kids win big time with this. My son attends Oakland and he's very excited about the tablets. This can only help our kids, as the world advances in technology, so does Oakland Elementary!
Taraina Thomas-Logan February 19, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Oakland PTA...Kudos to each of you! You've done a wonderful job by raising the funds necesarry to facilitate this technological leap forward for the kids educational process. My daughter attends Oakland Elementary, and each year there's another addition made to allow the kids to have an easier, more motivational, learning environment.
kpn February 20, 2013 at 04:23 PM
How great would it be if we took all the parents of the community and used their networking abilities to raise funds for the entire district and its needs. We have smart, generous people in RO as shown here with Oakland PTA. Great news!


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