Back to School Quiz! Ready?

Here's a look back at Royal Oak schools of yesteryear - where they used to be and what is there now.

As approximately 5,200 Royal Oak students begin another school year today, it's time for a pop quiz!

Did you know Royal Oak reached the height of its population with 86,238 residents in 1970? And, that there were 24 public schools, along with parochial schools maintained by , and ?

>>See the attached PDF for a Royal Oak Schools Timeline.

So, here is the challenge. Look at the photos above. At each site there used to be a school, but do you know which one?

Old School

Thanks to the , here is a little background on the history of Royal Oak public schools:

  • In 1934, Royal Oak's first school teacher, Harriet Castle, was hired to teach at Parker School, which stood at 13 Mile Rd. and Woodward Avenue. She was paid $1.50 a month.
  • A century later there were nine elementary schools, two junior high schools and one senior high school in Royal Oak.
  • By 1968, Royal Oak had 18 elementary schools (Addams, Churchill, Emerson, Franklin, Grant, Jefferson, Lincoln, Lockman, Longfellow, Northwood, Oak Ridge, Oakland, Parker, Starr, Twain, Upton, Washington and Whittier), four junior high schools (Addams, Barton, Keller and Lyons) and two senior high schools (Dondero and Kimball) that served over 18,000 students.
  • Today the district has six elementary schools, a middle school, a high school and a community education center.

Share your photos and memories

After you take the pop quiz be sure to take our poll and tell us where you went to elementary school in Royal Oak. And, please upload any photographs you might have of these schools of yesteryear. We would love to see them. Or, leave a comment with your favorite memories.

Brad Ather III September 04, 2012 at 01:33 PM
I attended Longfellow for grades 1-6. I remember after we painted tiles they put them up on the walls. Lots of memories of that school. Sad it's gone and I don't have any piece of it, like my tile, but it will always be in my mind.
Judy Davids September 04, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Both of my sons went to Longfellow so I know the tiles you are talking about! Let me see if I can find out what happened to those tiles. (If someone out there knows where they are, please share!) And, by the way, we all loved Longfellow. It was such a wonderful place. The building is gone, but the good memories will last a lifetime.


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