Thank YOU... Part 1

So I am turning 43 years old on Tuesday the 21st of January and as I sit back and reminisce about my 43 years on this planet I realize I am so thankful for people and experiences that have come in and out of my life.  
Life is so short and we don't always let those know how much they have meant to us.... So I am going to do this and I am not sure how many "parts" or Blog entries it will take so bare with me!!
I am gong to start with the ones that are probably going to make you cry first...so get out the tissues and don't say I didn't warn you!!

Brian (my little brother):  You came into my life and left way too early but the memories I have of us are still in my heart.  I will forever have a special place in my heart for Shaun Cassidy's "Da Do Run Run" as you and I played it over and over as we jumped up and down on my bed in ponchos.... 
You called me "Ya Ya" and I have only heard it one other time since you died and what that did to me was something I cannot explain.  You wore that eye patch like a proud little pirate and I was jealous of your uniqueness.  To this day I hate it when my kids cross their eyes as it puts fear in me.
You had a heart of gold and a sweet voice that still resonates in my head.  You were taken too soon from us and my whole childhood was filled with days wondering "when is he coming home?"
Because you were the sweetest boy I ever knew, I named my son after you but with a twist (Bryan) of a "y" instead of an "I"
     Thank you Brian for being in my life if only for a short moment... you taught me how to be a big sister, guardian and how to handle loss.  You changed our family in good ways and bad, but not that you had control over the bad.  You made me strong and I learned how laughter helps me overcome grief and sadness.  You will always be my guardian angel and I will always be your "Ya Ya."

Paul Scicluna (my dad):  My dad... oh where does one begin with this man who was so large in life, personality and love yet only 5 foot 3??  How about with an "I love you for all you have given me..."
I am so much like my dad, so everyone tells me, and I am so very proud of that.  My dad was my rock, my confidant, my jokester and my mentor.   He had the heavy accent with a full beard to match.  He was a legend in soccer, a generous soul and the smartest man I ever knew who didn't graduate from high school (had to help support a family of 13).
He had so many nicknames for me:  ham, jaws, princess, Lis, worry-wart and his favorite (yes Eric and Amy I was his favorite...lol or maybe I gave myself that last one). 
I feared him, I loved him and respected the shit out of him.  He was amazing to all of my friends and at his funeral I realized this amazingness stretched far and wide.
He sat me down on my 13th birthday at the top of the stairs and taught me a few things:
  • "Don't let boys use you as toys"
  • "Never let yourself be alone with a boy... we are pigs and only want one thing."
  • "I can't tell you not to have sex... I don't think you are ready... but if you do be smart about it:  use protection... having a baby when you are still a baby will ruin your future."
  • "If a boy tries this you do this" (punch him in the face, privates or nose)
  • "Once you loose your reputation it's really hard to get it back.... so don't be a loosey goosey."
  • "Don't do anything to ruin your family name "(very old school huh?)
"You can always come to me with anything... but I would appreciate it if it didn't start with "I'm pregnant"... now that is still one of my favorites to this day and made me so scare to make out with a boy!!

You taught me, or at least tried to teach me, that worrying doesn't nothing but cause an ulcer... so don't worry unless you have something to worry about.  You treated me with respect yet you knew how to have fun...and boy did we!!  The ice fights, wedgies, Charlie horses and all around wrestle fights will always bring a smile to my face.
You were such an amazing dad and my only regret is that you never got to meet my children.  They are so much like you Dad... and they remind me how to have fun, even while parenting.
Thanks Dad for loving me even when you wanted to ground me... for listening to me when I needed it most... for your sage advice... for walking me down the isle as you gave me away to Bill and for reminding me that all that matters is "respect, love and your health."  xoxo

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