Memorial Day 2014 Weather Forecast: You’ll Love This, Metro Detroit

It’s not going to rain on your Memorial Day parade – or anything that gets you out of the house after a wicked cold winter.

Southeast Michigan will have better Memorial Day 2014 weather than many areas of the country. (Photo: Accuweather.com)
Southeast Michigan will have better Memorial Day 2014 weather than many areas of the country. (Photo: Accuweather.com)

Ding, dong. That witch is officially deader than your old car battery, which failed at an astonishing 12 percent higher-than-normal rate during the recent winter of our discontent.

The AAA Travel of Michigan battery factoid is beside the point. The Polar Vortex has croaked. Good riddance. The Memorial Day 2014 weather forecast is sweet, and boy, oh boy, has southeast Michigan earned it:

The Memorial Day 2014 weather outlook calls for sunny skies, shirtsleeve temperatures and no rain to ruin outdoor fun, Accuweather says.

If you’re traveling out-of-state, other areas of the country aren’t as fortunate (bwahaha), the forecasting service said. But if you’re sticking close to home, it’s going to be prime weather baseball weather to get out and see the Detroit Tigers, who begin a four-game series against the Texas Rangers Thursday afternoon at Comerica Park.

Temperatures will be around 70 degrees both Thursday and Friday, then dip into the 50s overnight. So be sure to take a jacket if you’re going to the Tigers’ Friday night game.

Skies will be clear, and temperatures will drop down into the chilly 50s.

The rest of the weekend looks perfect for parades, picnics, baseball games and other outdoor activities. No matter what you’re doing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, don’t forget the sunscreen, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Temperatures will warm each day during the Memorial Day Weekend, from the mid- to upper-70s on Saturday and Sunday and in the low 80s by Monday.

There will be plenty of sunshine during the daytime all three days. Skies will be partly cloudy overnight.


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