Amy Parrent

Born and raised in mid-Michigan, I've lived in Oakland Co. most of my adult life. I'm a big booster of our beautiful county and appreciate the opportunity to tell some of its stories. Because everyone has a story worth listening to and telling to others. My own story: I started out as a musician and theatre geek and have degrees in music and English. I was a pro musician (including a stint with the MOT) before I turned to communications full-time. I've managed PR & publications for several major non-profits including cultural arts, recreational and educational institutions. My freelancing includes work for local newspapers - the Detroit News & Free Press, the Oakland Press, the Mirror. I've also kept my hand in the arts. I'm a scriptwriter, with one-act plays, musicals, TV and film to my credits. I'm a nature enthusiast who loves spending time in local parks but I also enjoy the downtowns of places like Birmingham, Royal Oak, Rochester and Detroit. My favorite music styles include just about everything except bagpipes, ukeleles and hardcore metal and rap. (Altho' I might like hardcore rap played on ukeleles.) If I didn't live in Oakland Co. I might like NYC or Seattle. If Cicely AK; Stars Hollow CT; or Pawnee IN were real places I'd like to live there. But Oakland County is home.            
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